Comedy School


Sacramento Comedy Spot has the largest comedy school in Northern California. We offer classes in long-form improv, short-form improv, stand-up, sketch comedy, acting, kids classes, video production/editing, and musical improv. If you have any questions about the Comedy School please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a current student, visit our Student Resources page for instructor contact information, helpful links, class handouts, and evaluations.


Start with the basics:  

Improv 101  •  Stand-up 101  •  Sketch 101  •  Video 101  •  Musical Improv


Can’t commit to a class? Attend one of our Saturday workshops:

Improv Games  •  Kids Improv  •  Teen Improv
Coming Soon: Musical Games and Acting





Improv 101 — 8 Weeks — $180
This class will focus on skills such as accepting and building on other student ideas, establishing a strong foundation, finding and playing the pattern of the scene.


Improv 201 — 8 Weeks — $180

Prerequisite: Improv 101
Our Improv 201 class will focus on intermediate improv skills and prepare you to perform on a Harold team. 


Improv 301 — 8 Weeks — $180
Prerequisite: Improv 201
This class will focus on advanced scene work techniques with an emphasis on character, space objects, using your environment, and playing the action of the scene.


Musical Improv — 8 Weeks — $180
Learn to create improvised songs for short-form games and long-form scenes.


Stand-Up 101 — Weeks — $150

You will gain the skills you need at stand-up comedy’s “ground zero” by learning how to write, edit, and perform 4-7 minutes of material at the open-mic level.


Stand-Up 201 — 4 Weeks — $150
Prerequisite: Stand-Up 101

You will perform every week in this unique class. Following each set, the instructor will provide feedback on your material. Note: Please have at least 5 minutes of material ready to perform on the first day of class.


Sketch 101 — 5 Weeks — $150

Learn to write sketches like those on SNLMadTVWhitest Kids U Know, and Human Giant. This intro to sketch comedy will teach students the basics of taking their funny ideas and putting them into script format.


Sketch 201 — 5 Weeks — $150

Prerequisite: Sketch 201
Learn to produce your own comedy show using the sketches written in your Sketch 101 class. Sketch 201 ends with a class performance.


Video 101 — 5 Weeks — $150

Learn to shoot videos for YouTube with quality video and sound.


Video 201 — 5 Weeks — $150
Prerequisite: Video 101
Learn to edit videos.




Saturday Workshops


Improv Games — Monthly 3-Hour Session — $35
Learn to play short-form improv games in the style of Whose Line is It Anyway?


Kids Improv — Monthly 3-Hour Session — $35
An improv workshop just for kids.


Teen Improv — Monthly 3-Hour Session — $35
An improv workshop just for teens.


Musical Games — COMING SOON — Monthly 3-Hour Session — $35
A workshop that will teach you musical improv games.


Acting for the Stage — COMING SOON 
Improve your acting skills.




Drop-In Classes


Improv Lab — Drop-In Class — Weekly — $5 Per Class
Not sure if you want to take improv classes? This is where you should start.