Dystopian Idol and BAT


Friday, March 31, 2017
11:00PM — $6 Tickets


Join us for this special Sacramento Improv Marathon edition of Dystopian Idol and BAT!


In Dystopian Idol, humble citizens will compete for the honor of becoming your Great Leader. Your vote decides which of these narcissists will become our new Fearless Champion! BAT is improv… in the dark!


Go big and spend the entire marathon weekend with us! See the full event schedule HERE.


Tickets for the Friday, March 31st Improv Marathon show are available at the door.




The cast of BAT:

Charlie Norton

Court Hansen

Jack Brown

Justine Lopez

Michelle Petro

Nick Magavern

Ryan King

Sarah Kullbom

The cast of Dystopian Idol – Cycle 4:

Julie Maginnis

Jesse Jones

Jack Brown

Sammy Schnetz