Harold Night


Every Wednesday
8:00PM-9:30PM — $6 Tickets
Free for Comedy School Students


Tickets for this show are available at the box office when doors open 10 minutes prior to show time. Cash and credit card accepted.


See two Harold teams and two Gordon teams every Wednesday night! These four teams perform a Harold improv show, a popular long-form improv structure developed by Del Close at iO Comedy Theater in Chicago. These hilarious and smart shows start with a single suggestion which inspires many scenes that weave together at the end of the show.


Harold teams are comprised of up-and-coming comedians that are sharpening their skills in preparation for our main stage shows.


Gordon teams are made up of BRAND NEW improv performers who have just finished their improv classes and auditioned, and now have an opportunity to continue their training through regular rehearsals and performances. Gordon team members are eligible to be cast on Harold teams.


What is improv? What is Harold?




Allie Rubin

Allison Baker

Allison Baker

Charlie Norton

Charlotte Hoar

Charlotte Hoar

Court Hansen

Dan Scott

Dan Scott

Jeff Kohlhepp

Justine Lopez

Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley

Lincoln Bartlett

Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker

Myri Valdez

Myri Valdez

Nick Coleman

Nick Magavern

Ryan King

Sarah Kullbom




Audrey Dyte

Elena Tessler

Gaby Gilmore

Grant Potter

Jack Brown

Kane Chai

Laurenne Brown

Sammy Schnetz

Sheva Tabatabainejad

Sophie Lisaius

Tessa Brown