Sacramento Comedy Spot is more than just a comedy club. The Comedy Spot  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Sacramento’s first comedy theater featuring improv, stand-up, sketch comedy, original videos, and short films, and we are Northern California’s largest comedy school.

Our mission is to make Sacramento laugh. Sacramento Comedy Spot aims to educate and inspire everyone to challenge themselves, make a statement, and tell their story through improv, stand-up, sketch, and film. We support, encourage, and promote diversity and inclusion within our walls and throughout the greater Sacramento community. We create unique, comedy-related events, shows, and classes that connect people of all ages and backgrounds through laughter. 

Education. Entertainment. Inclusion. Connection.
More than just a comedy club.


We need your support to survive the economic hardships of COVID-19 and to return to accomplishing our goals and building our programs. Here are ways you can support Sacramento Comedy Spot:

  1. Make a one-time donation via PayPal or Venmo.
  2. Become an ongoing financial supporter by becoming a month subscriber on Patreon.
  3. Donate during Big Day of Giving on May 6, 2021. Our goal is to raise $20,000.
  4. Become a volunteer and help with shows and special events. (Program currently on hold)

If you would like more information about Sacramento Comedy Spot, or if you have questions about helping Sacramento Comedy Spot through a sponsorship or donation, please contact us today.
(916) 444-3137

Thank you for your continued support! 


The Space

The Space offers a unique opportunity for students who identify as BIPOC to explore the comedic arts in a safe and nurturing environment. This monthly workshop is FREE to participants. In addition to education, the workshop is a great way to have fun and interact with others in the community.

Program Successes
The Space attracted, on average, 10 students monthly. Our goal for 2020 is an average of 15 students per session.

Diversity Scholarship

The Comedy Spot provides scholarships for classes to students for whom money is a barrier, and/or those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion.  Scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case and class-by-class basis for all levels of our improv, stand-up, sketch, video, and film classes. 

Program Successes
This program was launched in December 2017. In the first year, we awarded 15 scholarships. In 2019, we awarded 13 scholarships. Our goal for 2020 is to award 24 scholarships.

The Improv Kids

The Improv Kids program brings improv comedy workshops to the classroom and after school programs. Students participate in a 1-2 hour improv workshop designed  to give kids a creative outlet to build confidence, sharpen their minds, to work as a team, have a voice, and have FUN in a safe and supportive environment. Workshops will be led by hand-selected instructors from the Sacramento Comedy Spot.

Program Successes
This program was launched January 2018 and hundreds of children have already participated in our classes.

Improv for Living

Improv for Living (IFL) is a program of Applied Improvisation, a form of comedy that uses improv skills for personal application. Many improv courses advertise these benefits, but few offer content specifically for personal development. Improv for Living: Baby Boomer Edition introduces students to key improvisation skills and practice applying these lessons in daily life.

Program Successes
Launched in summer 2019, the first two classes taught by Liz Merry were wildly successful with tons of positive feedback. We will be adding even more sections of the class in 2020.

Community Outreach

We aim to make Sacramento a better place through laughter by partnering with city officials, local charities, businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to make a positive contribution to Sacramento.

Program Successes
Since 2018, the Comedy Spot has raised over $8,000 for local nonprofits, including Sacramento Area Animal Coalition, Women’s Empowerment, CA Partnership to End Domestic Violence, Rainbow Festival, Wellspring Women’s Center, and Reading Partners. Additionally, the Comedy Spot has partnered with members of our community to feed the homeless, feed families for Thanksgiving, and buy Christmas presents for local families.

Special Events

We strive to produce comedy-related events that highlight and support our other programs and goals. These events include FemmeFest and Sacramento Comedy Festival.

Program Successes
The first FemmeFest was an absolute success. Almost all of the shows were sold out, and participants had a positive experience. The second annual FemmeFest will be held March 20-22, 2020. Sacramento Comedy Festival has attracted hundreds of comedians from around to world to participate in this celebration of all types of comedy. 2020 will mark the festival’s 10th anniversary, and will launch our comedy short film component of the fest.

Original Video Content

One of our goals is to provide quality comedy classes in improv, stand-up, sketch, and film in a safe and supportive environment. In 2019, Sacramento Comedy Spot started creating original videos and streaming shows in an effort to attract more people to the Comedy Spot and, specifically, to our comedy school.

Program Successes
In 2019 alone, the Comedy Spot produced over 40 original videos for Facebook and YouTube that have been viewed over 50,000 times on Facebook alone.


Kevin Adamson
Ali Aghamohammadi
Fatemeh Aghamohammadi
Sara Aghamohammadi
Pete Agraan
Dominic Aguilar
Scott Allen
Wesley Allen
Felicia Alvarez
Nathan Ament
Christopher Anderson
Haley Anthonisen
Alison Ayala
Michelle Baer
Steve Baiocchi
Allison Baker
Parika Bansal
Veronica Bartell
Lisa Bassett Tucker
Dave Becker
Megan Beliveau
Jessica Benz
Robert Berry
Allie Berta
Robert Bess
Robin Black
Patrick Blanson
Dominique Bouza
Jeremy Breedlove
Barbra Brooks
Frank Brown
Laurenne Brown
Lester Brown
Jack Brown
Tessa Brown
Jeff Brundage
Antoinette Bryant
Dayna Bryant
Jill Bryant
Hallie Buckel
Susan Burns
Derek Byrne
Marco Cabodi
Heather Campbell
Lacey Carroll
Renee Carter
Sheila Carty
Lara Caruthers
Christine & Jason Casey
Alex Ceseski
Vincent Cevasco
Elise Chad
Aaron Cheesman
Kim Chen
Sethu Chidambaram
Amy Church
Alicia Clancy
Emily Clemons

Scott & Sue Cochran
Stacey Cochran
Tim Colopy
Scott Colton
Vasey Coman
Joohee Conant
Lisa Cook
Kevin Cooley
Alyssa Cowan
Tara Crabill
Chad Crall
Charles Crall
Ashlee Creek
Erin Crum
Tim & Kathy Crump
Katharine Cullifer
Morgan Danielle
Dare Daniel Podcast
Gina Darin
Michelle Daubner
Bradley Davidson
Blaine Davis
Brian Davis
Lola Davis
Dawn Davison
Brooke DeClue
Aaron de Guzman
Bill Dendle
Jennifer Deterville
Jasjeet Dhanota
Karen Dials
Mayra Diaz
Christiana Dominguez
Terry Dominguez
Dooders United
Sara Dunn
Amanda Eastman Woody
Paul Edelman
Staci Edwards
Abby English
Melanie Epstein-Corbin
Robert Eslinger
Eloisa Esparza
Amy Estes
Buck Evans
Brandon Farris
Mary Faught
Johnnie Fite
Virginia Fitton
Mignon Foster
Luke Francis

Melissa Gainor
Elia Ganda
Rico Garcia
Logan Gardner
Howard Gelbart
Mel Gelbart
Chelsea Gillis
Chris Giutoli
Maria Gloria
Brody Gogatz
Matthew Goins
Chris Goslow
Zane Grace
Frank Graham
Hyrum Gray
Katy Grant
Peter Grant
Alicia Gregory
Ryan Gregory
Chayla Gustin
Bill H.
Rina Haack
Rebecca Habegger
Mary Haines
Mark Hallerman
Michael Hamilton
Charles Hanks
Donna Harris
Greg Harris
Sam Harrison
Ron Harton
Jack Haskel
Monica Haulman
Melissa Hawkins
Michael Hebron
Consuelo Hernandez
Jessica Hickel
Kelley Hickel
Samantha Hines
Lindsay Hoffman
Laurie Hopkins
Tyler Horst
Beth Hotchkiss
Mandy Howard
Megan Howard
Amanda Hutchins
Joseph Ilk
Carrie Jahn
Michael Jantz
Nicole Jeter
Michael Jett
Tina Jett
Aubrey Johnson
Joel Johnston
Megan Joslin
JinBae Jung

Amandip Kaur
Michael Kennedy
Matt Keo
Daniel Kessenich
Sara Ketcherside
Nicholr Kiklis-Jeter
Josh Kinkade
Sharon Kinkade
Shane Kinslow
Amanda Kirane
Kalia Kirkland
Bhargav Kothi
Alison Kranz
Jeffrey Kreis
Enoch Ku
Sarah Kullbom
Felipe La Luz
Mike LaRosa
Bridta Lauren
Bea Lavrov
Robley Lawson
Betsaida LeBron
Amanda Lee
Tiffany Lee
Annette Leger
Lysette Lemay
Charlie Lemcke
Ross & Karen Lemcke
Claudia Lewis
Pepper Delores Lewis
Nathan Little
Rebecca Long
Justine Lopez
LaRayne Loucks
Janay Lovering
Robin Lovering
Ryan Luke
Rose Lyon
Linda Maccomber
Made Up Theater
Iris Mandel
Catherine Mandler
Divya Mankikar
Beck Marko
Kandice Martellaro
Christine Martinez
Jeffrey Mason
Kat Mayorga-Elton
Jim McDonald
Pam McDonald
Taryn McDonough
Julie McFall
Melissa McGillicuddy
Ian McGlone
Courtney McKinney
Susan McLearan

Amy Meier
Keisha Mello-Hall
Benjamin Merritt
John Merritt
Liz Merry
Carrie Meyers
Jenny Miller
Mericia Miranda
Brian Mizushima
Julia Moffitt
Saba Mohtasham
Pamela Moll
Vicki Moore
Maryam Moosavi
Collin Mulhern
Micaela Muro Dimos
Clare Murphy
Meegan Murray
John Nellis
Amy Nelson
Troy Nelson
Edith Neusner
John Newton
Hillary Niblock
Missy O’Malley
Priscilla Ornelas
Jaqui Palmer
Barbara Paridon
Amanda Parker
Patrick Parker
Jeff Parkin
Benito Parrera
Josh Parrera
Tina Patregnani
Schuyler Petersen
Michelle Petro
Sara Pez
Krystle Plant
Kelly & Kyle Poland
Grant Potter
Ellen Price
Thomas Price
Zach & Sarah Proteau
Katie Putman
Jeffrey Pyle
Rachel Pyle
Gustavo Ramirez
David Reed
James Reinhart
Ben Rice
Michael Richardson
Jesse Rivera
Patrick Rogers
Thomas Rohrbach
Ana Romero
Andrea Romero
David Roth
Melissa Roy
Josh Rucker

Greg Sabin
Justin Sacher
Ted Samson
Jess Sanders
John Sanzberro
Andrew Sarchet
Barry Scarff
Emiel Schuttlofel
Dan Scott
Dustin Seidler
Sam Sellers
Spencer Shubert
Chris Sexton
Tyler Sexton
Alex Shewmaker
Shirley Shingara
Gail Simons
Marissa Singer
Eric Sizmundza
Christine Smith
James Smith
Brett Snyder
Mark & Kira Spearman
Jennifer Steffen
Shannon Stevens
Lynn Stobener
Zac Sturges
Dennis Supachana
Pamela Swanson
Tyler Swanson
Jenna Swartzendruber
Sheva Tabatabainejad
Lauren Taber
Bonnie Taylor
Matt Taylor
Renee Taylor
Becky Tomlinson
Ann Tran
Tammy Trimble
Nichole Vance
Patrick Vath
Jennifer Wagelie
Shawnna Wagner
Dana Walker
Sarah Walsh & Family
Marc Ward
Marit Wardlaw
Ian Webb
Aaron Welch
Ronnie White
Evan Widjaja
Johannes Widjaja
Heather Williams
Kendall Williams
Veronica Wolfram
Jeff Wooten
Billie Sue Wozniak
Garrett Wright
Susan Wright
Karin Yanez
Grace Yoo
Licia Young
Aubrey Zevallos
Timothy Zindel





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Our Main Location
Shows Only – 6 Nights a Week
1050 20th Street #130 Sacramento, CA 95811


Classes and Rehearsals Only
915 T Street
Sacramento, CA 9581

Comedy Spot’s main theater doors and box office open 30 minutes before the first show of the evening and 10 minutes before each show, thereafter.
OFFICE – (916) 444-3137
EMAIL – laugh@saccomedyspot.com
SOCIAL MEDIA – @saccomedyspot



General Manager
Comedy Spot Founder
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Comedy School Director
Community Outreach
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Know all the things.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep tabs on upcoming shows, classes, special events, and the latest announcements.

More than just a comedy club.

Sacramento Comedy Spot (formerly Sacramento Comedy Foundation) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are Sacramento’s first comedy theater featuring improv, stand-up, sketch comedy, original videos, and short films, and we are Northern California’s largest comedy school. We create unique, comedy-related events, shows, and classes that connect people of all ages and backgrounds through laughter.

Education. Entertainment. Inclusion. Connection.
More than just a comedy club.

Sacramento Comedy Spot

Our Main Theater Location
1050 20th St. #130
Sacramento, CA 95811

Comedy Spot Training Center
915 T Street
Sacramento, CA 95811


Frequently Asked Questions

Comedy Spot Main Location

Shows 6 Nights a Week
1050 20th Street #130
Sacramento, CA 95811

Comedy Spot Training Center

Classes & Rehearsals Only
915 T Street
Sacramento, CA 95811