Thursday, August 15 at 6:30pm-9pm

Thursday, August 22 at 6:30pm-9pm | $45

LOCATION: Comedy Spot Training Center, 915 T Street, Sacramento 95811

Veteran performer and instructor Betsaida LeBron leads two special workshops. Take one or both! The classes are designed to be taken either as stand-alone workshops or together to gain a deeper understanding of improv play and performance. 

To get the most out of each class dress comfortably, bring a water bottle, a notebook, and a “YES! And” attitude.


Complete Commitment – Thursday, August 15
Commitment is an improviser’s secret weapon. There are an infinite amount of choices and possibilities, but playing with complete commitment clears away the “noise” in a scene and allows you to laser focus on what matters to your character and to the scene.  Complete commitment ultimately means less work and more fun for you as an improviser! In this workshop we will focus on committing to our choices, our characters, and to our scenes. Think of it like a roller coaster ride: once you make the choice to get on, buckle up, you’re committed, the rest is easy!

Follow the Flow – Thursday, August 22
Flow is an active force that keeps things moving. Like a river, that doesn’t stop when it encounters a rock. So too good improvisers move and play with the twists and turns of a scene. Fear and doubt hold us back, fighting the flow leads to drowning onstage in stale or forced scenes. In this workshop, we’ll focus on recognizing what already exists on-stage, what to do with it, and how to let characters, scenes, and stories unfold and develop naturally. Be a force of nature and follow the flow!

About the Instructor

Betsaida LeBron is a veteran improviser with 13 years of experience in performing, directing, and teaching improv.  She is an alum of the iO-Chicago Improv Training Program and Bay Area Theatre Sports (BATS) in San Francisco. She has served as a counselor at Camp Improv Utopia in PA and CA and taught improv workshops at the Auburn Hip-Hop Congress, San Francisco’s Femprovisor Fest, California Comedy Festival, and at theaters throughout Northern California and Nevada.

She is a cast member of Sacramento Comedy Spot’s longest-running improv show, Anti-Cooperation League. She can also be seen performing with improv troupes MRI (Masters of Rap Improv), Kooky Pants, and Improv Jazz. She also co-faciliates POC Improv Space with Improv Jazz teammate Justine Lopez. Betsaida loves teaching and strongly believes that improv skills and life skills go hand-in-hand and that everyone has an inner child waiting to come out and play. For more information visit

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