5 Things Is an original video series featuring comedians giving advice on comedy related topics. In this episode Mel Gelbart, Chris Emery, and Justine Lopez give you 5 tips to have BETTER IMPROV SCENES. Mel, Chris, and Justine are improvisors and improv class instructors at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. We are dedicated to giving comedians the best quality improv, sketch and stand-up classes. We believe that all improvisors should learn through doing and continue to improv their skills. We hope this series of videos will give you helpful tips to becoming a abetter improvisor.

Topics covered in this episode:

  1. Do the think – learn, practice and respect really good space object work.
  2. Be Specific – The more specific you are in describing places, relationships, characters, and objects the easier and more successful your scenes will be.
  3. Play a character – it’s fun to play someone besides yourself. Distinct characters with clear desires will help to move your improv scenes forward.
  4. Have fun – get out of your head and have fun. Be playful with your scene partners. Set them up to be successful.
  5. Try something new – Don’t get comfortable. Play different characters. Allow your team mates to initiate improv scenes. 

More 5 Things videos to come featuring stand-up, improv, and sketch comedians. You can see all of our YouTube Videos here. If you have ideas for future episodes please comment.

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