Fundraisers for Charities

Sacramento Comedy Foundation is pretty darn good at producing comedy shows and events. We have decided to partner with other local, charitable organizations to help them achieve their goals. We want to help make a difference in Sacramento by supporting amazing charities.

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Past Partnerships:

We had so much fun! I laughed. A lot. Everything was just super easy. THANK YOU for giving us one of the best low-lift fundraising opportunities. … With this event, we had fun, it was easy, attracted a different crowd than our normal fundraising, and didn’t cost us anything.


Reading Partners

The show was beyond expectation. We had such a great time and so did everyone I spoke with after. The show was perfect! The lobby area and the auditorium are intimate, modern, and comfortable. … I am beyond grateful for the Comedy Spot’s generosity. Sac HPP’s mission can continue robustly because of your financial support and sponsorship. Sac Comedy Spot brought our community together in such an engaging way, which helps with awareness that many go without period products.


Sacramento Homeless Period Project

How It Works

The Foundation books and produces a comedy show* at Sacramento Comedy Spot on a Saturday at 7:00pm. The partnering charity retains the net income from ticket sales. The partnering nonprofit promotes the show and encourages their community to buy tickets. Sacramento Comedy Foundation, in conjunction with the Comedy Spot, promotes the show using all available resources, including the Foundation and Comedy Spot websites, weekly newsletter, and social media.

*Please note that all shows at the Comedy Spot are geared towards adult audiences, ages 17+.

Production Expenses & Fundraising Procedures

Sacramento Comedy Foundation will produce and create a unique comedy show that reflects the values of the partnering charity. The Foundation will provide these services for only $300, payable by the partnering charity. The $300 production fee is paid via tickets sales with zero upfront costs to the charity. The net income from ticket sales, after the production fee is paid, will be paid to the partnering charity. If ticket sales do not cover the full cost of the production fee, the partnering nonprofit must pay the balance.

The production fee will pay for talent booked for the show and operational expenses of the Comedy Spot. The ticket price for these shows is $20. The Comedy Spot has a 90-seat house.

Who is Eligible?

To ensure each organization is successful and earns their full potential, the Foundation will pre-qualify each charity to make sure the following criteria is met (effective 1/1/19 for all new applications):

  • The organization is a registered 501c nonprofit with valid EIN
  • The organization conducts business in and around Sacramento and has a significant impact on our community
  • The organization has enough of a fan base, mailing list, social media presence, etc. to reach a large audience and ensure the greatest amount of success

Examples of groups and activities we cannot support:

  • Individual lobbying activities, political fundraisers or partisan activities
  • Religious organizations or activities
  • Grants, general operating support, or travel expenses
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin
  • School-affiliated field trips, fundraisers, sports teams, graduations or performing arts events
  • Events or fundraisers benefiting an individual, and/or individual sponsorships, such as such as sports, beauty, scholastic, or talent competitions or events
  • National or international relief efforts

Benefits to Comedians and Local Charities

  • Comedians are paid and have an opportunity to increase their fan base
  • Local charities are able to raise funds in a creative way without having to spend resources on production or planning


Are you associated with a local charity and would like to plan a unique fundraising event? Please complete the form below and we will contact you soon. You may also email or call (916) 444-3137.

Fundraisers for Charities
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