Stay tuned for the eighth annual Sacramento Stand-Up Competition at Sacramento Comedy Spot! The competition features comedians competing for a $1,000 grand prize, $500 second-place prize, and $250 third-place prize.


Application, Fees, and Selection

The Sacramento Stand-Up Competition is for experienced comedians and is not an appropriate forum for beginners.

When open, applicants will submit a brief video of a previous performance for consideration. The application fee is $20, non-refundable. Applications and videos are screened by a selection committee comprised of the executive director, veteran comedians, and industry professionals. Participants will be notified at least six weeks prior to the competition.

Comedy Spot employees, instructors, volunteers, producers and/or hosts of regular Comedy Spot shows, and previous competition winners are not eligible for entry.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be notified when applications for the 2021 Sacramento Stand-Up Competition are open. 

Competition Format

The Sacramento Stand-Up Competition takes place over one weekend each summer. The preliminary round is on Friday night and is split into three shows, featuring eight comedians in each show and a local host. Each comedian performs five minutes of material in the preliminary round. The five comedians with the highest-judged scores will be announced as finalists at the completion of the third preliminary round show on Friday night.

The finals are on Saturday night, featuring the five comedians from the preliminary rounds with the highest scores, a local host, and a headliner that is one of the previous Sacramento Stand-Up Competition grand prize winners. The competition grand prize winner receives $1000; second place received $500; third place receive $250. Each comedian performs ten minutes of material in the finals.

The Light

Comedians will be given “the light” with one minute left in their set. Comedians will get another light at the end of their allotted time. At 30 seconds after their allotted time, the stage tech will start to play music faintly in the background. At one minute over their allotted time, the stage tech will blackout the lights, bring the music to full, and the host will come back to the stage. 

Judges and Scoring

A panel of four diverse judges, comprised of past finalists, competition winners, veteran comedians and/or industry professionals, determines who moves onto to the finals and who wins the competition. Comedians are scored on a scale from 1-10 in three categories: stage presence, originality, and audience reaction. The scores from all three categories are added together for a total score from each judge. All judges scores are added together and averaged to find a comedian’s final score. We do everything we can to make this a fun and fair competition, and are always open to feedback. All of our judges are professional and fair, and picked because they represent not only a wide range of comedy tastes, but also represent diverse cross-section of people. This is not a teaching event, so we do not give individual feedback to participants, and we do not share final scores. Scores and tabulations are double-checked and audited to ensure accuracy and the integrity of this competition. 


The Sacramento Stand-Up Competition is produced by comedians who understand the expenses and sacrifice involved with participating in festivals and competitions. Our goal is to make this a fun, affordable, and unique experience for all participants and to keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. To that end, we host the competition in one location, over one weekend, to keep your travel expenses to a minimum. All participants will perform five minutes in the preliminary round, but we also book you in other shows at the Comedy Spot over the weekend, or at other venues in Sacramento. 

Travel, Transportation, and Lodging

Participants are responsible for their travel expenses. 

We will provide FREE transportation to and from the airport. This website has some handy links to help you get into, and around, Midtown. – easeintomidtown.com

We will help you find another comedian or adopted family to stay with for free while comedians are in town, if needed.

For more information and links about Midtown, click HERE.

Stipend and Benefits

All participants are given a $100 cash stipend when they check in. Participants will also be provided with drink tickets and food in the green room on Friday and Saturday.


2019 • Stephen Furey

$1000 Grand Prize – Stephen Furey
$500 Second Place – Dauood Naimyar
$250 Third Place – Drew Absher

2018 • Saul Trujillo

$1000 Grand Prize – Saul Trujillo 
$500 Second Place – Benton Harshaw
$250 Third Place – Melissa McGillicuddy
$100 Winners – Pauline Yasuda, Sean Hamrin, Richard Stockton
$25 Winners – Sandra Risser, Parker Newman

2017 • Krista Fatka

$1000 Grand Prize – Krista Fatka 
$500 Second Place – Chazz Hawkins
$250 Third Place – Emily Catalano
$100 Winners – Melissa McGillicuddy, Michael Cella, Becky Lynn
$50 Winners – Jason Bargert, Robert Omoto

2016 • Kiry Shabazz

$1000 Grand Prize – Kiry Shabazz
$500 Second Place – Chad Optiz
$250 Third Place – Alycia Cooper
$100 Winners – Krista Fatka, Jamie Pierce, Joey Avery, Jen Jiro

2015 • Daniel Eachus

$1000 Grand Prize – Daniel Eachus
$500 Second Place – Stephen Furey

$250 Third Place – Brent Pella
$250 Fourth Place – Dejan Tyler

2014 • Michael Patten

$1000 Grand Prize – Michael Patten
$750 Second Place – Stephen Furey
$500 Third Place – Steve Ausburne
$250 Fourth Place – Michael Montgomery

2013 • Trenton Davis

$1000 Grand Prize – Trenton Davis
$500 Second Place – Ivan Hernandez
$250 Third Place – John Ross
$100 Fourth Place – Christen Manville


The eighth annual Sacramento Stand-Up Competition will be held in the summer of 2021 at Sacramento Comedy Spot. This event features comedians from all over the country competing for a $1,000 grand prize, $500 second-place prize, and $250 third-place prize. The Sacramento Stand-Up Competition is one of the most exclusive competitions in the United States—only 24 of the best comedians are invited. We try to give all participants the most enjoyable experience possible. It is not only a competition, but an opportunity for comedians to network with each other, to meet industry professionals, and to perform in one of the best comedy cities in the United States. 

The Sacramento Stand-Up Competition was founded in 2013 by Brian Crall as part of the Sacramento Comedy Festival. In 2016, the competition split from the festival and became its own annual event with a focus on giving both participants and attendees a fun and unique comedy experience. The competition has featured hundreds of comedians from across the country and beyond, from New York to Sacramento, and from across the sea.

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