Saturday, October 17, 2020


Boardwalk Stage

9:30p – The Extreme(ly Easy) Competition Show


Saturday, October 17 • 9:30pm
Entry available beginning at 9:15pm

Ticket and Headphone Fee: 

Contestants play kids’ games like, rock/paper/scissors and the card game War, but the stakes have never been higher in this dramatic LIVE game show! In The Extreme(ly Easy) Competition Show, contestants will sacrifice almost… nothing… for the glory of being crowned. Hosted by Brian Crall.  Join us outside for dinner and some comedy! Click here to see our upcoming outdoor calendar.
October 17: Grant Potter, Mel Gelbart, Mike LaRosa, Catalina Serrano-Bucheli, Tessa Brown, Daniel Kessenich, Keisha Mello-Hall, and host Brian Crall
*A two-ticket minimum purchase is required for this event. Because of limited seating, tickets for attendees not checked in by the start of the event will be resold. No refunds.

How does it work?

1. Check the schedule and buy your tickets! Seating is limited, so be sure to purchase your tickets in advance. Your paid admission gets you GUARANTEED SEATING to the 8pm scheduled performance and silent disco headphones to enjoy the show. Ticket prices vary per event. A two-ticket minimum purchase is required. Because of limited seating, tickets for attendees not checked in by the start of the event will be resold. No refunds.
2. MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES, unless you are actively shoving food or pouring beer into your mouth.
3. Check in at the bar, ORDER FOOD, and buy beer! Health restrictions require you to order a meal through the Comedy Spot in order to be seated outside. We have partnered with Azul, and they have made us a special menu. Click HERE to view our selections. Remember: Order through the Comedy Spot at our mobile bar, and Azul will deliver your food to your table. Only beer from the Comedy Spot bar may be consumed within our seating area.
4. Don’t forget your headphones! If you purchased tickets online, check in with the bartender upon arrival, where you will also purchase your food and beverages. You will have to leave and ID or credit card with the bartender to receive your headphones. Headphones can also be rented on the day of the show, pending availability.
5. Sit down and have a laugh! Please stay at your table so that we don’t spread cooties, a.k.a. coronavirus.
6. If you feel sick, stay home!