Effective May 2, 2022, audience members are strongly recommended to be fully vaccinated and boosted. 
Unvaccinated and/or high-risk audience members are very strongly encouraged to wear masks while in attendance.

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Thursday, Mar, 31, 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In Cage Match, two teams battle it out (perform for 20 minutes) in the Comedy Spot arena (on stage) to prove their mettle (hopefully win) in the ruthless, cutthroat world of improv (very supportive and positive). The audience vote decides the winners (true). The host (Kevin Cooley) deals with the losers (treats them well.)

New matches every month. Winning teams get a $20 cash prize and their picture on the winner wall. Winning teams will also be invited back to participate in championship matches with other winners. Sometimes Cage Match features TWO matches in one night!

March 31st Matchup:

Pepper Grinder: Patrick Blanson, Nathan Little

Pitch Please: Lacey Carol, Kyle Buis, Tyler Horst, Carissa Edwards, Jessi Goold, Nate Breshears, Hawley Allen, Miriam Ellis, Sam Sellers, Jake Forrester

Interested in being on the show? Please submit your contact information below ANYTIME. Cage Match is open to everyone. Priority will be given to teams consisting of Comedy Spot students (current or prior).  If we consistently have more interest than slots available, then we will consider adding an extra show or even new dates.

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