Friday, January 22, 2021


7:30 pm



Squad Patrol

Squad Patrol Presents: Our Fate, Your Hands – 80s Kids Show Edition! (NOT FOR KIDS) Squad Patrol returns with another adventure where you, the audience, choose where the adventure goes! While last time’s adventure took us on a medieval journey to a dragon’s lair, this time, the cast of Squad Patrol will venture forth through the world of nakedly-consumerist 80s kids shows as they try to thwart the evil queen Nefaria and her plans to shatter the Dream Crystal! So steady your sword, mount your mighty stallion, ready your action playset, never forget the power of friendship, and join SQUAD PATROL for an epic adventure! (NOT FOR KIDS)

Did we mention that this is NOT FOR KIDS?

Cast: Adrienne StarkeyCasey SingerCharlie LemckeDerek Daun • Evan Nyarady • Jess Ramirez BenzJosh KinkadeKevin CooleyLaurenne BrownMarco CabodiStacey Cochran