Friday, July 30 at 8pm | $8

Online presales close at 7pm on the day of the event.

Effective July 20, 2021, masks are required to be worn by all patrons, performers, and staff while inside the Comedy Spot, regardless of vaccination status.
Performers are vaccinated, but are not required to wear masks while on stage.

MRI [Masters of Rap Improv] is Sacramento Comedy Spot’s only freestyle rap improv show. The cast of MRI gets a one-word suggestion from an audience member to inspire a freestyle rap, then performs improvised scenes based on the rap. If you like hip hop and improv, this is the show for you!

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MRI is:
Betsaida LeBronJustine Lopez • Nicholas George • Chris Emery

MRI: Masters of Rap Improv at Sacramento Comedy Spot