Effective August 2, 2021, all audience members, performers, employees, and volunteers must be fully vaccinated (at least two weeks past the final dose) and masked. Proof of vaccination* and photo ID are required for admission. Performers are not required to wear masks while on stage.
*Vaccination status may be presented in the form of original CDC card, photocopy, or digital record obtained from the CA Department of Public Health at myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov or your healthcare provider.

Tuesdays at 8pm

PERFORMERS: Please read the Performer Information and Guidelines section, belowDoors open and sign-ups begin and end 30 minutes before show time. No additional sign-ups will be taken once the show begins.

Open Mic stand-up comedy show is part of our up-and-coming talent night series. You see comedians that are new to performing, some seasoned veterans, and every level in between. Any comedian, regardless of skill, can perform. It’s exciting! It’s raw! It’s hilarious, AND sometimes not-so-hilarious, stand-up comedy.

First time at the Comedy Spot?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

We teach stand-up classes! Check out our Stand-Up 101 course, offered monthly. For more information on how to get started, read our article, “Become a Comedian: The First Seven Steps“.

Important! Please read:

Thank you for wanting to performing during Open Mic at the Comedy Spot! Our goal is to give you a place to learn and perform and to put on the best show possible. Here are some things you should know:

• You must be at least 18 years old to perform.

• If you are performing, you will not be charged admission.

• You will receive a maximum of 5 minutes of stage time. Sometimes we give less time, depending on how many comedians are performing.

• Don’t feel that you have to use your full time if you don’t have material.

• Please do not “run the light” (go over your time). You will receive a red light signal when you have one minute left.

• We try to get as many people on stage as possible. The show usually runs 2 hours. Sometimes, we can’t accommodate everyone. If you don’t make the list, please try again on a future night.

• Sign-ups begin at 7:30pm. The host will meet you outside or in the lobby. No additional sign-ups will be taken once the show begins.

• We do not take early sign-ups.

• The host is in charge of who performs; they make the list.  It takes a while to make the list, so be patient and respectful. They are doing their best to get you on stage.

• The list will be announced right before the show starts.

• If you bring someone who pays for a ticket, we will get you on stage. Promise.

• Please be quiet backstage; the audience can hear you.

• Be respectful to other comedians and Comedy Spot staff.

• Respect the audience. They’ve paid to see you. Don’t shit on them.

• We do not want to censor you, but we will shorten your set if it is outright offensive or hateful. We will also limit your set if you are are attacking the audience or if you aren’t telling jokes.