Effective May 2, 2022, audience members are strongly recommended to be fully vaccinated and boosted. 
Unvaccinated and/or high-risk audience members are very strongly encouraged to wear masks while in attendance.


Saturday, May, 7, 2022


10:30 pm - 11:15 pm

The Set has been selling out their sketch comedy shows in Sacramento since 2014, and a very low percentage of those tickets were purchased by their grandparents! Featuring a multi-generational cast packed with wide-ranging comedic talent, The Set features some of the most original and provocative sketch comedy productions in the Sacramento area in recent years. The Set’s writers and cast were once referred to as “SNL if it were on HBO.” While The Set appreciates all of its acronym-based comparisons, they welcome you to come judge for yourself. Remember: It’s not TV. It’s The Set.

Cast: Adam Courtin, Amanda Barboza, Andy Hyun, Arthur Kunert, Brendon Booth, Bunny Stewart, Craig Tyler Sanders, Dan Bunten, Daniel Rankin, David Humphrey, Donnalee Bury, John Lawrence, Luna Liming, Roberta Ramirez Sanchez, Sarah Bee, Shelly Taunk, Wayne Kunert

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