THANK YOU to everyone involved with FemmeFest 2019 for an experience that exceeded all expectations. We’ll be back next year!

About FemmeFest

The first-ever Sacramento FemmeFest is a celebration and showcase of women in comedy. The lineup includes nationally recognized sketch groups, improvisers, and stand-up comics, as well as extraordinary local talent.


Sacramento Comedy Spot
1050 20th Street, Sacramento 95811 – MAP


All-Access Weekend Pass • $40
Valid for all festivtal shows, March 29-31

Friday Pass • $20
Valid for all shows Friday, March 29, only

Saturday Pass • $20
Valid for all shows Saturday, March 30, only


FRIDAY • March 29

8pm • $15

Lady Business
Jaime Fernandez
Shahera Hyatt
Improv Jazz
Cat Fight

10pm • $15

Rhoda Ramone
Emma Haney
Character Circus
Femmedy Trio

SATURDAY • March 30

7pm • $15

Sierra Slackers
Melissa McGillicuddy
Bad Choices
Krista Fatka
Femmedy Trio
Felicia Michaels

9pm • $15

Granny Cart Gangstas
Amy Estes
Femmebot PhD
Dalia Malek
Jessica Wellington

11pm • $5

Liar’s Club Podcast

SUNDAY • March 31

6pm • Free

Women in Comedy Panel

7pm • $15

Double Threat
Improv TBA
Regina Givens
Jaclyn Weiand
Karaoke Improv Song Wheel


Lady Business, Sacramento’s longest-running all-female improv troupe, uses true stories from the cast to create a long-form improv show with smart humor, unexpected characters, and guaranteed laughs. After the ladies tell true stories on a monthly theme, the cast does a series of improvised scenes inspired by the stories. None of these stories are shared with each other prior to the show.

Featuring: Allison Baker • Justine Lopez • Kimberly Chen • Mel Gelbart • Michelle Daubner • Michelle Petro • Saba Mohtasham

Jaime Fernandez is a Sacramento-based stand-up comedian who has performed all over Northern California and beyond. Her dark, personal, and deeply unique perspective on trains, boys, and cupcakes has made her a fan favorite at clubs and venues throughout the region. Jaime has opened for Gina Yashere, Ms. Pat, David Huntsberger, Sasheer Zamata and more. She performs regularly at both Sacramento Comedy Spot and San Francisco Punch Line. In addition to club work, she produces a weekly open mic and monthly showcase, and spends her days doing graphic design from home, pants-less and surrounded by pets.

Shahera Hyatt is a stand-up comic with the comedic reflexes of a boxer. She co-produces the @movingvanshow, a roving monthly pop-up comedy show that was awarded “Best DIY Comedy on the Go” by the Sacramento News & Review, and hosts a weekly open mic at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. Audiences everywhere love hearing uniquely observational humor from someone who looks like a Mouseketeers era Justin Timberlake. If you don’t believe it, come find her at dive bars, comedy clubs, rooftops, and parking lots all over Northern California.

Improv Jazz is an improv duo featuring Betsaida LeBron and Justine Lopez.

Cat Fight combines the ladies of Comedy Spot sketch troupes Squad Patrol and The Friday Show into an estrogen-laden show of their own.

Featuring: Adrienne Starkey • Coreen Lemcke • Jessica Benz • Laurenne Brown • Sarah Kullbom • Tina Jett

Rivet is an all ladies long form improv team, bringing high energy and lots of sass! 

Featuring: Coreen Lemcke • Dayna Bryant • Hillary Niblock • Janay Lovering • Kacie Shingara • Lauren Vigliotti

Self-proclaimed socially awkward nerd, Rhoda Ramone hails from Lodi, California. Her bookworm appearance often contradicts her keen wit and sarcastic social commentary that is full of self-deprecation. Her stand up makes light of a difficult upbringing, her life as a working mother and the myriad of her daily annoyances. She has performed all over the Central Valley including the basement of a church for Senior Citizens.

Since 2010, Emma Haney has been delighting audiences with her dry, absurdist wit at comedy clubs and colleges up and down the West Coast. She was in the Las Vegas women’s World Series of comedy, was in SF Sketchfest and most recently has won a beauty contest in monopoly.

Miss Mabel the Bearded Lady hosts a special Femme Fest edition of Ding Dong’s Character Circus with guest host, Dinah Dong! Miss Mabel and Dinah Dong sit down and talk with interesting people they met during their travels. This late-night show is like any other late-night show, with interviews, games, and music; it’s just hosted by a bear and a bearded lady.

Featuring: Mel Gelbart • Tessa Brown • Coreen Lemcke • Justine Lopez • Shahera Hyatt

Based in LA, Femmedy Trio is an all-female comedic music group created by Stacey Hardke, Dahlya Glick, and Gabi Van Horn. With their sassy strength and clever lyrics, these ladies create funny, feminist tunes to save the world!

Sierra Slackers is Reno Improv’s all-female performance team. They play with a form called The Slacker — an improv style created by Beer Shark Mice and inspired by the 1991 Richard Linklater movie of the same name. Their home stage is Reno Improv in sunny Reno, Nevada, and they are absolutely thrilled to be part of FemmeFest.

Featuring: Aurora Boles • Diana Martin • Heather Goulding • Jamie Clark • Karen Auyeung • Lisa Woods • Michelle Fabiano • Stacey Taylor • Taylor Riedeman

As a newcomer to the scene in 2015, Melissa McGillicuddy won the Wildcard Competition at the Sacramento Comedy Festival. She’s performed at lots of weird venues since then, including a satanic ceremony, a tax march, and your mom’s house. Melissa also co-produces the moving van show, a monthly pop-up comedy show done out of the back of a moving van. When she’s not working on comedy, you can find her brushing her cats, going to therapy, and being awkward.

We all want to make good choices, but sometimes bad choices can so much fun! This show explores what happens when we give into our “bad choices”.

Featuring: Betsaida Lebron • Diana Brown

Krista Fatka is an Oakland-based comic and writer. With over a decade of performance experience in circus and theater, she’s as comfortable on stage as she is in a room full of clowns. Which is to say, pretty comfy. She produces a regular show at The San Francisco Punch Line called The Charm Offensive. She has performed at festivals in the Bay Area like SF Sketchfest, Outside Lands, and was a semi-finalist in the 2017 San Francisco International Comedy Competition. She won first place in The Sacramento Comedy Competition 2017.

Felicia Michaels is a highly imaginative photographer, filmmaker, writer, stand up comedian, and podcaster—with a solid 20 years of making her own, or assisting others on a variety of creative projects. Whether her blog is picked up regularly by such aggregates as the Huffington Post or Your Tango, podcasting alongside some of the most visible stand-ups in American comedy, directing award winning short and documentary films, or working at her day job of aiming her camera at comedians at events, on tv sets, during comedy festivals, or when she performs next to them on any given night—Felicia has a knack for fishing for the indelible truths in any situation.

Granny Cart Gangstas is all-female, Asian-American sketch comedy troupe birthed from the black box stage of Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco, CA. Founded by Aureen Almario and Ava Tong in 2011, the GCG crew have been performing their sketches since 2013 including Rise of the Red Dawn, Ladies and the Tramps, Femprovisor Fest, Bad Fruit, Pussy Generation and SF Sketchfest. We create rebelliou,s rowdy comedy poking fun at pop culture, consumerism, politics, systems of oppression, the mundane & absurdity of everyday life, weed, and pretty much anything under the sun. Our next show will mount August 2019 at Bindlestiff Studio so check us out!

Featuring: Aura San Miguel • Aureen Almario • Felicia Jacobe • Judith Ferrer • Julie Kuwabara • Kathlyn Cabrera • Lauren Garcia • Lynie Abadilla • Nic Feliciano • Paula Sison • Sunshine Roque

Amy Estes started doing comedy around the kitchen table with her very funny family, but didn’t take to the stage doing comedy until she was 34. Based in Northern California, Amy has performed at clubs like Sacramento’s Laugh’s Unlimited, the Punch Line San Francisco and Sacramento, Flappers, the HaHa Cafe, and the World Famous Comedy Store, as well as many clubs and events all over Northern California and the Portland Queer Comedy Festival, as well as the 2018 Women In Comedy Festival in Boston, MA. She has opened for incredible comedians such as Rhea Butcher, Julie Goldman, and Gina Yashere.

Touted as a female Kids in the Hall for millennials, Femmebot PhD is all about dynamic video elements, big characters, witty intellect mixed with poop humor, and just a dollop of feminism. The bots perform live onstage monthly to sold out crowds at LA’s hottest new alt comedy theater, The Pack, and they have a robust YouTube and social media presence. (Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!)

Featuring: Andra Moldav • Jessica Amal • Julia Bartlett • Kandice Martellaro • Kate Rappoport • Nicky Urban

Dalia Malek is based in the Bay Area, California and started comedy in London. she has performed all over the UK, as well as in Ireland, Canada, and Egypt. She currently hosts ground floor and interruption show, monthly stand-up shows at the All Out Comedy Theater in Oakland.

From North Carolina, Jessica Wellington started comedy at the Sacramento Comedy Spot 8 years ago. She moved to Los Angeles, where she features for Iliza Shlesinger, Whitney Cummings and Russell Peters. She has also featured for Michael Kosta and Bert Kreischer. Opened for Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, Maz Jobrani and Nikki Glaser. Jessica works at The World Famous Comedy Store where she was the first female to be hired as a “door guy”, a prestigious job that comes with a developmental slot at the club. There, she has shared the stage with the likes of Joe Rogan, Ron White, Bill Burr, Chris D’Elia, Ali Wong and many more. She co-hosts a podcast, The Liars Club, with Felicia Michaels.

In Liar’s Club, stand-up comedians Jessica Wellington and Felicia Michaels invite their friends from all corners of the comedy world to try and woo them with stories while stumping them with lies.

Join us for a panel discussion on the status of women in comedy today. 

Featuring: Mel Gelbart, Justine Lopez, Shahera Hyatt, Melissa McGillicuddy, Jaime Fernandez, Becky Lynn

Double Threat – Where improv meets stand-up! Five comedians will take the stage and create a stand-up set ON THE SPOT. Their only inspiration will come from prompts they’ll see for the very first time…with a twist! This time each comic will give me prompts to give to the other comedians. Witness the overlapping part of the Venn diagram with this intersection of stand-up and improv! Hosted by Michelle Petro.

Featuring: Betsaida LeBron • Jaclyn Weiand • Melony Ford • Michelle Petro • Ruby Setnik • Tessa Brown

Improv TBA features Sacramento Comedy Spot’s short-form Improvisors performing in a show like Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

Featuring: Michelle Petro, Mel Gelbart, Justine Lopez, Tina Jett, Saba Mohtasham

Regina Givens, from Sacramento, bringing real-life stories to life with an edge of crazy, sexy, cool, improv comedy.

The Sacramento Comedy Festival’s “Best New Comic” of 2013, Jaclyn Weiand‘s act can best be described as personal and opinionated, edgy and overshare-y. Her bawdy charm will have you wanting to check if your daughter is doing alright these days.

Karaoke Song Wheel is 30 minutes of complete hilarity provided by some of your favorite musical gals of Sacramento! We take audience suggestions for song topics, pull a player’s name from a hat, and spin the wheel to find out the genre for a completely improvised song! Don’t miss out on some original bangers that could make it to the Billboard Top 40…maybe!

Featuring: Allison Baker, Dayna Bryant, Michelle Daubner, Mel Gelbart, Sarah Kullbom, Justine Lopez, Michelle Petro