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Maximum Students: 18

Location: Comedy Spot Training Center
915 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95811


Music Improv Workshop
Friday, February 16, 2018
6:30PM to 9:30PM | $40


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Laura Hall, (Musical Director, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Second City) and her husband, Rick Hall, (actor, musician, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Second City) present a one-day, intensive, music improv workshop.

Have you ever wanted to try improvising songs like we do on Whose Line is it Anyway? Then this fun, lively workshop is perfect for you, even if you’ve never done song improv before. It helps to have a good basic grasp of improv, and a musical background doesn’t hurt either, but isn’t essential. If you’re already experienced with song improv, they’ll stretch your skills and bring you to the next level.

Rick and Laura create a supportive, fun environment in which to grow, explore, and move out of your comfort zone, starting with warmups and games to help ease into singing. You’ll build vocal confidence and learn to listen to each other and the accompaniment. Then they’ll move on to creating improvised songs that are a natural extension of the improv skills you already know. Before you know it, you’ll be belting out your own great improvised songs!

Comedy Spot’s Improv 101 is a recommended prerequisite for the workshop, but is not required.

Music Improv Workshop Curriculum

  • Warming up and why it’s important
  • Building vocal confidence: exploring melody, rhythm, discovering your natural voice, ways to help if you’re not a great singer
  • Finding your own way of approaching a musical accompaniment, and your own take on the subject matter
  • Music improv as a natural extension of scenic work: using character, location, story, etc. to create rich and interesting songs
  • Group singing: Listening, watching, taking turns, coming to a chorus, harmonies
  • Digging deeper into character and location work to bring your songs to life
  • Overcoming fear of rhyming

If the group is moving forward and time permits, we’ll move on to:

  • Longer forms with music: Scene to Song, Musical Harold, Make a Musical
  • Movement: improvising group choreography
  • Advanced group singing: Sing in one voice, call and response, counter melodies
  • The basics of musical structure (and why it’s important)
  • Working with different musical styles: using vocal stylization and movement to enhance a style
  • Mic technique for singer-improvisers

About Rick & Laura


Rick and Laura Hall teach improv workshops at colleges, festivals and theaters around the country, and especially like helping people discover that music improv is really fun and something they can do joyfully and successfully.

Laura Hall is best known as the improvisational pianist on the hit TV show, Whose Line is It Anyway? She also played in the West End of London for two years in a row as part of Whose Line Live. Laura was on the Drew Carey Show live episodes, and toured the country with Drew Carey and the Improv Allstars. She has played with many improv groups in Chicago and L.A., including The Groundlings, Improv Olympic, iOWest, Theatresports, The Improv Institute, Opening Night: The Improvised Musical!, The Spolin Players, and Totally Looped.

Rick Hall was a founding member of Chicago’s Improv Institute. He went on to tour with The Second City, and later opened two main stage shows, John, Paul, Sartre, and Ringo and Catch 27. Rick has used his improv background on the improv-based television show Curb Your Enthusiasm and as a series regular in The Factory.

Together with Kelly Macleod, Rick and Laura have a band, The Sweet Potatoes, playing original, acoustic, Americana music with lots of vocal harmonies and a touch of twang. They tour the country and have recorded three CDs.

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