Saturday, April 6 at 7pm | $20

Online sales for this event have ended. A small handful of tickets may still be available when the doors open 10 minutes prior to show time.

This show contains adult content and is intended for ages 17+.

Sacramento Comedy Foundation presents a comedy show to benefit Sacramento Homeless Period Project! 

Featuring: Stand-up performances by Amy Estes, Jaime Fernandez, Regina Givens, Shahera Hyatt, and host Becky Lynn

About Sacramento Homeless Period Project:
Our mission is to supply homeless and low-income people who have a monthly menstrual cycle with pads, tampons, and wipes. We package these items in weather/water proof quart-size ziplock bags for distribution. This method of distribution is particularly helpful for those living unsheltered, as the packs provide portability and protection of the items.

Too often, these sanitary products are inaccessible due to cost and lack of donated items available at shelters. These items are the least donated essential items at shelters. The stigma of menstruation contributes to lack of donations and also influences fewer requests for these items. When access to menstrual supplies is compromised by poverty, stigma and lack of resources, health and safety are compromised. Unsuitable products may be substituted for appropriate supplies and infections occur.

Access to menstrual hygiene affects a person’s freedom to work, study, be healthy and participate full in society with dignity. Lost productivity due to lack of hygiene products impacts everyone in our community.

Local recipients of Sac HPP packs: Center Unified School District, Sacramento City Unified School District, Loaves and Fishes Shelter, Elk Grove Food Bank, Wellspring Women’s Day Center

Sacramento Homeless Period Project is a chapter of Homeless Period Project 501c3. All funds and donations made via the 501c3 are for our local chapter directly benefitting our local community members.

To learn more about Sacramento HPP, visit

Online sales close at 6pm on the day of the event. Tickets may still be available at the door when the box office opens, 10 minutes prior to show time.

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