8 Weeks | 7PM-9PM | $160 $125 – On sale!

Maximum Students: 16
Minimum Age: 17
Prerequisite: N/A

Our Improv 101 class is the perfect fit for everyone! You will learn how to create comedy scenes off the top of your head, with no preparation or planning, inspired by students’ true stories. Basically, you are going to laugh for two hours each week and play like a kid! But if you want specifics, get ready for the jargon: You will learn basic improv skills like accepting and building on other student ideas, establishing a WWPW, establishing and playing the pattern of the scene, and heightening your pattern from grounded to crazy town. We know that some of you want to perform at the Comedy Spot, and this class is the first step. We also know that a lot of you just want to have fun… This is the class for you too!

Still not sure? Go for it! You will have a good time. And you will meet some great people. And if you’re not careful, you may even want to start performing. Don’t laugh; it happens! Okay, ready, go! And if you are still not convinced, scroll down and see what other people have said about taking improv classes!

NOTE: Students will be required to attend our Harold Night show at least two times while enrolled in this class. Student ID cards are given to students on the first day of class. Comedy School students with a valid student ID may see Open Mic (Sundays & Mondays), Harold Night (Wednesdays), and Cage Match (Thursdays) for FREE, with an option to earn tickets to weekend shows.

Class space is limited and reservations are final. No refunds. Should you need to transfer to another start date, please contact us.

(Plus 50¢ online service fee per registration)


Start Date: September 12, 2017 (Tuesdays)
Location: Comedy Spot Stage – 1050 20th Street #130
Instructor: Brian Crall
Meets: September 12, 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24, November 7
Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Class Performance: Friday, November 17, 2017 – 7PM (Subject to change)
Notes: No class October 31

Start Date: September 18, 2017 (Mondays)
Location: Comedy Spot Lab – 1812 J Street #9
Instructor: Corky McDonnell
Meets: September 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6
Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Class Performance: Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 7PM (Subject to change)
Notes: None

Start Date: October 17, 2017 (Tuesdays) – SOLD OUT
Location: Comedy Spot Lab – 1812 J Street #9
Instructor: Chris Emery
Meets: October 17, 24, November 7, 14, 28, December 5, 12, 19
Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Class Performance: Friday, December 22, 2017 – 7PM (Subject to change)
Notes: No class October 31, November 21

Start Date: November 8, 2017 (Wednesdays)
Location: Comedy Spot Training Center – 915 T Street, Sacramento
Instructor: Brian Crall
Meets: November 8, 15, 29, December 6, 13, 20, January 3, 10
Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Class Performance: Friday, January 12, 2017 – 7PM (Subject to change)
Notes: No class November 22, December 27

Comedy Spot Main Location
1050 20th Street #130
Sacramento, CA 95811

Comedy Spot Lab
1812 J Street #9
Sacramento, CA 95811

Comedy Spot Training Center
• Opening November 2017 •
915 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Why study improv?

Think the only reason to take improv classes is to start a career in comedy? The skills you learn in improv can impact your life in many ways, beyond our four walls. Get in on the fun and register today!

Improv training provides many benefits:

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved public speaking skills
  • Enhanced acting abilities
  • Gained comfort in social settings
  • Refined brainstorming abilities
  • Improved listening and observation skills
  • Enhanced creative-thinking abilities
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Team development skills
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