8 Weeks | 7PM-9PM | $170

Instructor: Brian Crall
Maximum Students: 14
Prerequisite: Improv 301
Comedy Spot Training Center – Room #1
915 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95811


Class performance dates are subject to change.

July 19 – September 6 (Thursdays)
Performance: Saturday, September 15 @ 7PM

Class space is limited and reservations are final. No refunds. Should you need to transfer to another start date, please contact us.

(Plus 50¢ online service fee per registration.)

Improv 401 will teach you how to perform other improv forms besides the Harold. We promised you that all that Harold training would pay off! You will take all the skills you have learned up to this point and apply them to new improv forms such as Armando, Living Room, BAT, JTS Brown, and more! You will even pick up some new skills along the way. Each form you learn will have a different vibe, cast size, and structure, and will force you to use different skills to be successful. This class ends with a JTS Brown class performance or a form of the classes choosing!

NOTE: Students will be required to attend our Harold Night show at least two times while enrolled in this class. Student ID cards are given to students on the first day of class. Comedy School students with a valid student ID may see Open Mic (Sundays & Mondays), Harold Night (Wednesdays), and Cage Match (Thursdays) for FREE, with an option to earn tickets to weekend shows.

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