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There will be no Improv Jam on the following dates:
January 31 – Join us for Two Dykes and a Mic!

Improv Jam is part of our up-and-coming talent night series. You will see new comedians, some seasoned veterans, and everything in between. We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to perform in a long-form improv show, so we created Improv Jam. It’s like an open-mic night for improvisers. Performers will put their name in a hat, and we will randomly draw to see who will be performing on each team. This show is also perfect for current and former Comedy Spot students to flex their improv muscles.

The host will ask for a word from the audience and performers will use that word as inspiration for true stories. Each group will tell three true stories, and then players will use the information from the true stories as inspiration for comedy scenes. Improv Jam is hosted by Kevin Cooley.

Please note: You must be currently enrolled in, or have completed, Improv 101 at the Comedy Spot or completed an equivalent beginning level long-form improv class to perform.

Scroll down to see Rules and Performer Code of Conduct.

Rules and Code of Conduct 

  • You must be currently enrolled in, or have completed, Improv 101 at the Comedy Spot or completed an equivalent beginning level long-form improv class to perform. We strongly encourage you to watch while other teams are performing.
  • Sign-ups start at 8:55PM and conclude when the show starts.
  • No more than 24 performers.
  • Dress: We encourage performers at the Comedy Spot to wear casual clothing. Please remember to wear soft-soled, closed-toed shoes; no flip flops, sandals, or heels. Wear clothing that allows you to be physical and move freely while remaining appropriately covered. No skirts, short shorts, or anything too revealing.
  • We do not want to censor comedians but we will shorten your set if it is inappropriate. Be funny. Be smart. Don’t be a hack shock comic.
  • Performers should not be drunk or on drugs when performing.
  • Please do not lift or inappropriately touch another improvisor.
  • Performers should approach improvisation with respect for their fellow performers, both on stage and off, avoiding harassing or abusive conduct targeted toward an individual performer. To report harassing or abusive conduct, please contact the Conduct Committee. You can also view our Misconduct Policies and Procedures here.

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The Comedy Spot is a program of Sacramento Comedy Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Since 2005, our goals have been to support comedians, support our community, and make people laugh by producing the best-quality shows in Sacramento. We are Sacramento’s first comedy club to feature improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy shows, with performances six nights a week, and we are Northern California’s largest comedy school. 

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