Improv for Living (IFL) is a program of Applied Improvisation, a form of comedy that uses improv skills for personal application. Many improv courses advertise these benefits, but few offer content specifically for personal development.

Boomer Edition | 4-Week Course

A four-session class for self-described Baby Boomers who want to practice a new, lighter perspective in life. Improv for Living: Baby Boomer Edition, will introduce students to key improvisation skills and practice applying these lessons in daily life.

The sessions include mental and physical warm-ups, core exercises, stage work, and group discussions. While it is in no way considered psychological therapy, the class will be a safe space to apply improv games and exercises to real life challenges. This course is a way to play and laugh while practicing techniques that enhance your experience of life.

The class is designed for people who consider themselves Baby Boomers, and is also accessible for people with energy and/or physical limitations.

Students should be ready to support their fellow participants by being sensitive, non judgemental, and open to group connection. If these are life-skills you hope to develop, this course will help!


Sundays • 1:00pm to 3:00pm • $125
Maximum Students: 12

Upcoming Start Dates:
February 16

Comedy Spot Training Center

915 T Street, Sacramento 95811

“I’m usually more shy and guarded but exercises let me forget and have laughs.”

“Warm, fun, entertaining, accepting. Felt safe to share.”

“Loved playing with everyone. We don’t get much chance to do it, and therefore get out of progress. The exercises help to cue me into playing and not being the serious, responsible kid.”

“Very interactive. Got me to lean into my discomfort.”

“The variety of exercises that build on each other makes it feel like being a kid.”



Liz Merry has been playing with improvisation since her college days at U.C.L.A., where she performed for two years with the campus troupe called Plastic Silverware. She completed courses led by professional improvisers from the Groundlings, spent three years studying at BATS in San Francisco, and has been enrolled in Sacramento Comedy Spot courses for over two years. 

Liz developed a passion for Applied Improvisation as she adjusted from full-time work to semi-retirement due to health challenges and is eager to help others who seek a new perspective and love to laugh.


Positivity  •  Focus  •  Listening  •  Resilience  •  Mindfulness  •  Support  •  Fun