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The Sacramento Improv Marathon is an annual event, featuring three days of improv shows. You will see your favorite headlining and featured shows, like Lady Business, Anti-Cooperation League, and Improv Fight Club. Our weird, late shows are back—Strip-prov and High-prov. And you will also see some brand-new, even weirder, experimental shows. You can buy tickets for each, or buy a pass to see the whole thing!

The Improv Marathon is on hiatus for 2018.

Join us April 14 for Weird • Strange • Bizarre!

2017 Marathon Schedule

History of the Marathon

The Sacramento Improv Marathon is one of three signature events the Comedy Spot produces each each year, along with the Sacramento Stand-Up Competition and the Sacramento Comedy Festival.

The marathon began as the 48-Hour Comedy Marathon in 2013—48 straight hours—featuring all forms of comedy. Every marathon has been amazing! When the Comedy Spot added the Sacramento Stand-Up Competition in 2016, we wanted to give improv its own weekend. So we rebranded the Comedy Marathon and now it’s the Improv Marathon!