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The Sacramento Improv Marathon is an annual event, featuring three days of improv shows. You will see your favorite headlining and featured shows, like Lady Business, Anti-Cooperation League, and Improv Fight Club. Our weird, late shows are back—Strip-prov and High-prov. And you will also see some brand-new, even weirder, experimental shows. You can buy tickets for each, or buy a pass to see the whole thing!

Stay tuned for details on the 2018 marathon!

2017 Marathon Schedule

Friday, March 31

  • 8:00PM | You! The Musical | $8
  • A completely improvised musical inspired by YOUR suggestion of a title. Everything in the show is made up on the spot.
  • 9:00PM | Lady Business | $12
  • Sacramento’s only all-female improv troupe uses true stories from the audience and cast members to create a long-form improv show.
  • 10:00PM | Strip-prov | $8
  • Improvisers perform with a set of rules to obey… or break… that determine how much they will be wearing by the end of the show.
  • 11:00PM | Dystopian Idol & BAT | $6
  • In Dystopian Idol, humble citizens compete to become your Great Leader. Your vote decides the winner! BAT is improv… in the dark!

Saturday, April 1

  • 6:00PM | Twit-prov “Trivia” | $6
  • What do you get when you make up trivia questions, then make up the answers, then do something Twitter, also? We’ll see!
  • 7:00PM | RIOT & Help Wanted | $8
  • Comedy Spot house team RIOT, and Comedy Mashup’s team Help Wanted, share the stage to give you two improv shows in one!
  • 8:00PM | Super Cosmonaut & 5Play | $10
  • Comedy Spot house team Super Cosmonaut shares the stage with Bay Area’s 5Play to give you two improv shows in one!
  • 9:00PM  Anti-Cooperation League • $12
  • Anti-Cooperation League (ACL) interviews a special guest and uses the information as inspiration for improvised comedy scenes.
  • 10:30PM  Comedy Exchange • $8
  • Stand-up comedians perform five-minute sets, and then our improvisers perform comedy scenes inspired by the comedians’ jokes.
  • 11:30PM  High-prov • $6
  • Yep. It’s what you think it is.

Sunday, April 2

  • 8:00PM | Improv Fight Club | $12
  • Four improv teams compete in three rounds of a mini-improv tournament. The winner of each round is determined by text vote.

History of the Marathon

The Sacramento Improv Marathon is one of three signature events the Comedy Spot produces each each year, along with the Sacramento Stand-Up Competition and the Sacramento Comedy Festival.

The marathon began as the 48-Hour Comedy Marathon in 2013—48 straight hours—featuring all forms of comedy. Every marathon has been amazing! When the Comedy Spot added the Sacramento Stand-Up Competition in 2016, we wanted to give improv its own weekend. So we rebranded the Comedy Marathon and now it’s the Improv Marathon!