Betsaida LeBron has over 12 years of experience in teaching, performing, and coaching long- and short-form improv. As a young adult, she staged elaborate improvised puppet shows with her siblings throughout Northern California, sparking her interest in and knack for the art form. She studied theater and improv in college and is a graduate of iO-Chicago and Bay Area Theatre Sports (BATS) improv training programs. She has taught beginning to advanced improv classes, served as a counselor for Camp Improv Utopia, and directed several improvised shows, including a full-length improvised Shakespearean romantic comedy. Betsaida has also studied with some of the best improvisers out there, including Susan Messing (The Annoyance), Craig Cackowski (Drunk History), Lloyd Alquist (Epic Rap Battles of History), and Jimmy Carrane (Improv Nerd Podcast). She is passionate about improv and views it as a true artform that is best performed with appropriate levels of emotion, honesty, support (for scene partners), and ridiculous fun! She currently also performs with improv troupe Kooky Pants.

Current Shows:
MRI [Masters of Rap Improv]


Corky has been performing and teaching at the Comedy Spot for over five years. He has been an instructor for the youth program, sketch program, all levels of improv, and Taste Test. He is the current coach of house improv team RIOT, and all three Harold teams. Corky is also a writer for national comedy publications.

Current Shows:
Anti-Cooperation League
MRI [Masters of Rap Improv]


Justine studied Theatre Arts at Cosumnes River College and was involved in several plays as an actor, assistant director, and stage manager. She began performing improv in 2014 with a group of her theatre friends, calling themselves “Home IMPROVment”. They practiced in backyards and school parking lots and put on free shows at the late Beatnik Books in Roseville, CA. From there, she began interning at Sacramento Comedy Spot, took classes, and eventually worked her way up to perform on the main stage. Other than performing on stage at the Comedy Spot, Justine has instructed Improv Taste Test, has lead corporate improv workshops, is currently Harold Night Coordinator and coach, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, and an Improv 101 instructor. When she is not at the Comedy Spot, she is watching The Office or Parks and Rec for the 100th time.

Current Shows:
Anti-Cooperation League
Lady Business
MRI: Masters of Rap Improv



Evan owns a 40”H by 72”W double-sided, magnetic whiteboard with rolling supports. He also plays the violin. On a separate note, Evan will sometimes write his name in a mirror image on those sticky nametags, depending on the occasion. All in all, Evan doesn’t really know who he is, and he knows he probably never will… But he’s okay with that! Well, at least he thinks he’s okay with that… Sort of. After all, what’s life without a little (or a lot of) self-discovery? But something Evan does know is that he is excited to have the opportunity to spread laughter and smiles as part of the Sacramento Comedy Spot community. P.S. If you were wondering… [wee-JAH-yah]

Current Shows:
Squad Patrol


Current Shows:
Harold Night

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