The workshop was a perfect mix of fun activity and practice… Your explanation allowed us to know both how a mutual scene worked and what to focus on when we were actually practicing scenes.

Ellen B.

Take this workshop… Get the eye-opening experience of doing great scenes without having a clue what your comedy pattern will be, and never worry again about having that “we’ve got nothing” experience on the backline. What a great feeling.

Charles V.

Next Workshop: Saturday, July 22, 2017

11:00AM-2:00PM | $30 Fee
(Plus $0.50 online service fee per registration.)

Class space is limited and reservations are final. No refunds. Should you need to transfer to another start date, please contact us.

Maximum Students: 14
Prerequisite: Improv 101
Instructor: Brian Crall

Location: Comedy Spot Main Stage
1050 20th Street #130

Upcoming Workshops
July 22
October 28

Students will learn how to work together with their scene partner to find and play a pattern and create an improv scene inspired by a single-word suggestion. This workshop stresses listening, agreement, and making bold choices in improv scenes. You will never be stuck on the back line again!

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