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Maximum Students: 16

Location: Comedy Spot Training Center
915 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

July 20-22, 2018

5 Workshops | $200

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David Razowsky is one of the top teachers of theatrical improvisation and acting, and the host of the podcast ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky. Join us for a full weekend of instruction to help elevate your skill set! Workshop registration is for all five workshops during the three-day session.

David Razowsky’s approach to improvisation:

“I have a simple approach to improvising: Your present awareness is the only thing you need to create compelling, smart, truthful, and surprising scenes. Period. No games, no preconceived premises, no ideas, no ego. All that matters is now. The actor’s level of improvisation experience doesn’t matter, for all you need to bring to my workshop is your present presence. All you’ll leave with is your joy and excitement and confidence. After all, what more do you need?”

Attendee notes:
Comedy Spot’s Improv 101 is a recommended prerequisite for the workshop, but is not required.
Wear: Comfortable clothing, closed-toed shoes
Bring: Materials to take notes, packed lunch or money to purchase from a local establishment


7PM to 10PM
Expressing Your Point of You


10AM to 1PM
Strong Entrances, Strong Choices

1PM to 2PM
Lunch Break

2PM to 5PM
Pro-(Positive) Choices


10AM to 1PM
Group Scenes Reduced

1PM to 2PM
Lunch Break

2PM to 5PM
Expose Your Underwhere


Expressing Your Point of You

Most scenes go off track because we’re not aware of our character’s point of view; what their intentions are. This workshop, hailed as “Vital…an eye-opener…,” exposes you to what you’re feeling, what your focus is, and what you get to give attention to. This is a great workshop!

Strong Entrances, Strong Choices

Be aware of all that’s happening at the top of your scene, and you’ll be aware of the power you have in your character. It starts as all things do: at the beginning!

Pro-(Positive) Choices

A toolbox contains more than a hammer, so shouldn’t your scenes contain more than anger and conflict? Find creative freedom when positive emotional choices drive your scenes. Guide your scenes forward without a need to conjure up an argument, defend your side of the story, or your need to have your ego intact at the scene’s end. It’s not about winning our losing—it’s about keeping the scene alive.

Group Scenes Reduced

A group scene doesn’t have to be a confusing or feared clusterfunk. Get yourself into that scene! Razowsky’s workshop will show how the art of the three-person (+!) scene is simple once it’s broken down, leading you to stronger, challenging, surprising, and easy long-form scenes. Start it out right, heighten it, move it forward, and keep it moving. Come join us: we need you!

Expose Your UnderWhere

One of the first things to escape you when you hit that stage is your “where,” the objects around you, and, well, you know why: because you’re thinking about “where to put things.” This workshop’ll connect you to everything that’s already there, freeing you from thinking and encouraging you to see, helping you explore relationships and create characters in ways you’ve never done before.

About David

David Razowsky is the former artistic director of the Second City Los Angeles, and the host of the award-winning podcast ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky. His teaching and performing has taken him all over the world, from the US to Australia, Ireland, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, and New Zealand, where he recorded a TEDx Auckland Talk. As an actor at The Second City, David worked with Martin Short, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Dratch, Chris Farley, and Amy Sedaris, among others. He’s directed The Second City Mainstage, The Second City Hollywood, The Second City Detroit, and The Second City National Touring Company. He is a consultant for Dreamworks, a teacher for Steppenwolf Theater, adjunct faculty for California State University, and has directed two productions for Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago Theatre. David’s a member of the Reduced Shakespeare Company and performed in their Kennedy Center run of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged. Visit for more David.

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