Stand-Up Coordinator and Instructor Robert Berry is a stand-up comedian with an extensive background in training, public speaking, writing, and event hosting. With his third year of being Stand-Up Coordinator for The Sacramento Comedy Spot, Robert has been a fixture in the Sacramento Comedy community as a performer, producer, and mentor.

Robert started his stand-up journey at Comedy Spot in 2012 and has produced and performed in hundreds of shows in the 6 years that have followed. Robert has been a booked opener for Will Durst, Emo Phillips, Bob Rubin, Adam Ferrara, and Mo Mandel. Robert has hosted more open mics and worked with more new comedians than he can count. He has a well-received workshop on hosting comedy shows, and has given many new comedians their first paid shows.

In 2015, Robert recorded and self-produced his first album “RETROCRUSH”, and followed it up with the album “PUNS and PUGS” with Chris Emery in 2016. His book “Robert Berry’s Big Book of Jokes” was published in 2017 and was well reviewed by several media sources. Robert regularly performs at Comedy Spot, Punch Line Sacramento and San Francisco, Cobb’s Comedy Club, The Throckmorton Theatre, Sally Tomatoes, Luna’s Café, and several scummy bars up and down the coast. Robert has also been a feature writer covering the comedy community for Submerge! Magazine since 2016.

“I love helping comedians have a chance to be better, and am excited to be leading the Stand Up class at Sacramento Comedy Spot. If you’ve ever thought you’d like to give comedy a try, and don’t have the will to just go to open mics and figure it out, this class is going to give you the tools to learn the structure of building your first 5 minute set so you can go out there and get some laughs, bomb your ass off, learn from it, and then get more laughs! I’ll help you refine material and present the funniest things about you on stage so you can see if your friends were right!”

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Comedy Spot Main Location

Shows 6 Nights a Week
1050 20th Street #130
Sacramento, CA 95811

Comedy Spot Training Center

Classes & Rehearsals Only
915 T Street
Sacramento, CA 95811