Student Resources


To better serve our students, we have created this page to feature information on classes and instructors. If you would like us to add something to this page, please let us know by email. If you are new to comedy, be sure to take a look at some of our Comedy 101 videos.




Contact Information 
Voicemail: (916) 444-3137




Classroom Locations

Please check the class page to see where your class meets. All classes are listed on our Comedy School page.


Sacramento Comedy Spot
1050 20th Street, Suite 130, Sacramento, CA 95811


Comedy Spot Lab
1812 J Street, Suite 9, Sacramento, CA 95811




From Student to Performer


Students who complete Improv 101-301 are eligible to be cast on a Gordon team. Students are invited to perform on a Gordon team by the Improv 301 instructor when a performance space becomes available. If you are not invited to a Gordon team, we hold auditions several times a year. Work on your skills and then audition for a Gordon team.


Harold team cast members are chosen from the pool of Gordon performers. Harold team cast members are eligible to be cast on main stage shows like Anti-Cooperation League and Lady Business, and can apply be be coaches.


Students who are not immediately invited to perform on a Gordon team can audition for Gordon, perform on Improv Jam and Cage Match, or hire a coach and form their own team to perform on Tuesday nights. (This show is coming soon.) Gordon auditions (coming soon) will be held twice a year. Anyone auditioning must have completed Improv 101 through 301.




Student ID Cards
Student ID cards are given to students on the first day of all classes at the Comedy Spot. Comedy School students with a valid student ID may see Open Mic (Sundays & Mondays), Harold Night (Wednesdays), and Cage Match (Thursdays) for FREE, with an option to earn tickets to weekend shows. Students will also be required to see a select number of shows specific to their course of study while enrolled.




Rehearsal Space Rental

You can rent rehearsal space at the Comedy Spot Lab for $10 per hour. To rent space, you must hire a Comedy Spot coach or be currently cast on a show at the Comedy Spot. Please contact Lara at to rent rehearsal space.




Brian Crall — Improv and Harold Coach
Lincoln Bartlett — Musical Improv and Musical Director
Chris Emery — Improv and Sketch
Mel Gelbart — Improv and Harold Program Director
Corky McDonnell — Improv
John Ross — Stand-Up
Jaime Fernandez — Stand-Up




Improv Resources
If you are new to comedy then take a few minutes to look at our Comedy 101 Videos.


Improv Books and DVDs
Truth in Comedy

Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual



Improv Class Handouts

Harold Structure

Improv 301 Handout


Sketch Resources

FREE Writing Software from Celtx

Sketch 101 Handout


Stand-Up Resources
None at this time.