Our 10:30pm time was created to give regular Comedy Spot performers and students an opportunity to create and develop their own shows. We have a stage. You should use it! Be creative. Experiment. Go for itjust make sure you read the important information on this page. Then submit your idea and and a member of our Development Team will contact you. Oh, did I mention, we have a whole team of mentors that can help you develop your idea and give you feedback after your performance? Or, if “you got it”, we will just schedule your show.

HEADS UP: The 10:30pm slot is not a good spot for just standard stand-up showcases. And if you are from out of town or not a regular Comedy Spot performer or student, we can’t book in this time slot eitherbecause we don’t know you—but we still want to hear from you. Just email us if you are interested in being booked at the Comedy Spot.



Have fun! Be creative; do that show you have always wanted to do! It’s the wild west—your time to experiment.  

  • Each 10:30pm show should have a distinct voice and focus.
  • Show length is 30 minutes or less.
  • Producers and performers are NOT paid for 10:30 shows.
  • Only one date per show will be booked on the calendar at any given time.
  • If a show demonstrates consistent quality and popularity, the Comedy Spot will negotiate pay with the producer.
  • Tickets are sold online and at the door. Tickets are $5 or FREE with a ticket to the 9pm show.
  • Always be safe on stage. Do not do anything outside your physical abilities. Avoid lifting other cast members or standing on chairs.
  • If you invite an audience member to participate on stage, take care of them. Help them on and off stage, make sure the stage is clear of hazards, and make sure they have plenty of light when they return to their seats. Never put audience members in a situation where they could be injured.
  • Do not use anything, including water, fire, props, or costumes, that may bring harm to yourself, another cast member, or audience member.
  • Real knives, guns, or swords are NEVER permitted on stage.
  • Do not use anything, including water, fire, props, food, or costumes, that may damage the stage or stage walls. Anything that might make a mess must be pre-approved and have a plan for containment and clean-up.


The development team is committed to giving you support before, during, and after your performance. Communicate with us. Ask questions. Let us know what we can do to support you and your show. Even if you only have a nugget of an idea, don’t be afraid to contact a development team member to help you expand the idea to work on stage.


Brian Crall – Team Leader – laugh@saccomedyspot.com
Tina Jett – Scheduling – tina@saccomedyspot.com
Derek Dozier – Team Coordinator – DXDozier@gmail.com
Evan Widjaja – Tech Coordinator – evan@saccomedyspot.com
Tessa Brown – Team Member
Kevin Cooley – Team Member
Ryan King – Team Member

Submit Your Show Idea

Please submit your show idea, below. Tina Jett, Comedy Spot’s Theater Assistant, is responsible for scheduling 10:30pm shows and will contact you after you after you submit your idea. Once your show is booked, please send Tina pictures and a description of the show we can use for the website. She will create a show page on saccomedyspot.com and share the URL.


Rehearse and present the best possible product. After your pitch has been submitted and you have been contacted by a development team member with approval, you can use the Comedy Spot Training Center for free for rehearsals. Please read the Rehearsal/Space Booking guidelines and contact Tina Jett for reservations. 


The producer and cast members should be able to easily describe or “sell” the show in one sentence. Promote your show through social media, posters, and flyers. Personally invite friends, family, and co-workers. Create a Facebook event for your show that can be shared and promoted. Tag your cast members in the event description to increase its views.

Sound and Light Tech

The Comedy Spot will supply a sound and light tech for each 10:30pm show. The tech will supply basic light and sound support: intro announcement, intro music, bring up stage lights, outro music, bring down stage lights. If your show requires lights and sound beyond these basics, please contact Evan Widjaja, Tech Coordinator, to see if he can find you a dedicated tech for your show.

Post-Production Notes and Feedback

At the conclusion of your show, a member of the development team will give you notes and feedback on your show. This team member can also make a recommendation to schedule the show again in the future. Always try to improve your show. After each show ask yourself, “What was positive about the show? What can we work on for next time?” Please note: Only one date per show will be booked on the calendar at any given time. This is to allow feedback for each performance to be addressed, and to allow more opportunities for other shows and producers to put their ideas on stage.

Submit your idea!

10:30PM Show Idea
Tell us about your show! Remember: Maximum show length is 30 minutes.

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Know all the things.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep tabs on upcoming shows, classes, special events, and the latest announcements.

More than just a comedy club.

Sacramento Comedy Spot (formerly Sacramento Comedy Foundation) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are Sacramento’s first comedy theater featuring improv, stand-up, sketch comedy, original videos, and short films, and we are Northern California’s largest comedy school. We create unique, comedy-related events, shows, and classes that connect people of all ages and backgrounds through laughter.

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More than just a comedy club.

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