Sacramento Comedy Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation (47-3441374). The best way for you to support us to see our shows, take our classes, and attend our events. On a day-to-day basis, we strive to produce the best quality comedy shows, provide professional classes, support the Sacramento comedy community, and bring new comedy-related programs, opportunities, and events to Sacramento.

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The Comedy Spot supports the local comedy community and partners with other local charities to help them raise money through comedy show fundraisers. The foundation operates a youth improv program that provides training for kids, giving them an opportunity to develop confidence and be creative in a safe and supportive environment. The foundation also creates comedy-related events, like the Sacramento Stand-Up Competition and Sacramento Comedy Festival, that draw comedians and comedy fans to our city.

Thank you for everything you do.

Sacramento Comedy Spot Supporters

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How Your Support Can Make a Difference

Foundation Programs

Thanks to you, we were able to launch our youth improv program in January 2018. We want to expand the program’s reach to offer on-campus workshops at schools in Sacramento. When you support us, you provide us with resources to expand and improve all of our programs including POC Improv Space, Diversity Scholarship, and Improv for Living.

A New Location

Our long-term goal is relocation. The Comedy Spot will remain at its 20th Street address until 2023. Prior to our lease expiration, would like to purchase our own building. It is our ultimate goal to have one facility that can house all of our operations under one roof. This includes offices, the Comedy Spot theater showroom, an expanded bar and restaurant, a smaller, secondary stage, classroom, collaboration rooms, a green room next to the stage, and a professional tech booth.

Original Content

We would like to create more original videos, podcasts, and streaming shows not only for entertainment but for education. With your help we will be able to pay more talent, hire editors, and buy equipment necessary to create original content that everyone, in and out of Sacramento, can learn from and be entertained. Expanding our reach outside of Sacramento will help our local comedians create a broader following. 

Facility Improvements

We are always trying to upgrade the Comedy Spot and the Training Center. We still have 3 years before we move to our new location. With your help, we would like add some barn doors to the green room, replace the stage deck, and make improvements to the light grid at the Comedy Spot. We would also like to paint and replace windows at the Training Center.

Special Event Performer Stipends

Sacramento Comedy Spot hosts some of the most unique and hilarious comedy events in the country including Femme Fest, Sacramento Stand-Up Competition and Sacramento Comedy Festival. With your help, we can invite more performers and help to pay for the travel expenses.