Saturday, April 13
12pm to 4am • $15

WEIRD • STRANGE • BIZARRE is a full day of unusual, creative, and experimental comedy shows produced by local comedians. We’ve packed the lineup with 32 shows* over 16 straight hours. The bar opens at noon. Bring your food, get comfortable, and make a day of it!

During last year’s WEIRD • STRANGE • BIZARRE, audiences were treated to lasers, clowns, dating shows, drag shows, sitcom dads, and some of the biggest laughs of the year. Prepare yourself for twisted versions of traditional improv, stand-up, sketch, and character comedy shows.

See one show, or see them all… One $15 price covers the day.

Doors will be open for just five minutes between each show, and again every half hour.

*With the exception of Kidprov, all shows may contain adult themes, and are intended for ages 17+.


12:00p • KidProv

Parents of the Sacramento Comedy Spot will perform short form improv with their kids. Guaranteed to delight grandparents and audience members alike. Featuring: Michelle Daubner (Lucas age 5), Charlie Lemcke & Coreen Lemcke  (Jack age 5, Carson age 2.5, Conner age 8 months), Jorge Hernandez (JJ age 2.5), Charlotte Hoar, (Daphne age 7, Artemus age 8, Fletcher age 3), Janay Lovering (Belen age 12)

12:30p • You’re a Wizard, Stupid

Finally, the Harry Potter themed stand up showcase we’ve all been waiting for.  Featuring: Ruby Setnik, Chris Emery, Nick Magavern, Jessie Kathan, Michael Cella, David Samuel

1:00p • Camp Somewhere

Follow two friends on a journey to… somewhere… as they encounter characters, obstacles, and advice along the way. Featuring: Michelle Petro, Sarah Kullbom. Coreen Lemcke, Elena Tessler, Jack Brown

1:30p • Meatspace Muckbang

Meatspace Mukbang Based on the internet phenomenon, improvisers will eat food, talk about nothing, and do scenes. Featuring: Claudia Lewis, Rachel Pyle, Dylan Fox, Melony Ford, Ryan King, Jessica Goold

2:00p • Planet Mirth

Animals get up to some crazy shenanigans! The show starts with a short animal story time about some silly animal behaviors. From there, a group of improvisers will make up a series of scenes based on the animal behaviors. It’s sure to be a hoot! Featuring: Coreen Lemcke, Dayna Bryant, Janay Lovering, Kacie Shingara, Ryan King, Sethu Chidambaram

2:30p • Physical Comedy Olympics

A bracket-style, physical-comedy challenge with no words… just all action. The audience chooses the winner! Featuring: Jason Rossow, Alex Shewmaker, Coreen Lemcke, Kacie Shingara, Michelle Daubner, Ruby Setnik

3:00p • Autofill

We are all familiar with the helpful / not-so-helpful autofill feature on our phones. In this show, the host will get a word from the audience and let the phone fill in the rest, to inspire improv scenes. Featuring: Jason Rossow, Alex Shewmaker, Coreen Lemcke, Dayna Bryant, Jorge Hernandez, Kacie Shingara, Sethu Chidambaram

3:30p • Choose Your Own Adventure

The stage is now a Choose Your Own Adventure book. The performers are your characters. You are the narrator. In this interactive show, the characters’ fates are in your hands. What path will you choose? Featuring: Kacie Shingara, Joe Lewis, Kevin Cooley, Jason Casey, Hillary Niblock, Corky McDonnell, Coreen Lemcke

4:00p • Deuces Wild

Two teams; who do you choose? Two sets, two interpretive dances. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Featuring: Jessica Goold, Dylan Fox, Melony Ford, Derek Dozier

4:30p • Star Trek Deep Space 90210

Being on a new assignment for Star Fleet is hard enough without having to fit in. Featuring: Jeff Kohlhepp, Cameron Domasky, Claudia Lewis, Jessica Goold, Daniel Dayoan, Derek Dozier

5:00p • Poetry Slam

A comedic slam poetry session inspired by prompts received in advance. Featuring: Michelle Petro. Tomas Lopez, Jorge Fernandez, Evan Widjaja, Rachel Pyle, Stephen Ferris, Clare Murphy

5:30p • 33/45

Players perform improv scenes based off of audience suggestions while a record player plays old movie scores. The emotional intensity of the scenes must match that of the music that fills the air. Featuring: Tessa Brown, Cameron Domasky, Chris Emery, Patrick Blanson, Nathan Little, Grant Potter

6:00p • Bloodfight

Bloodfight is a late-night show parody featuring character interviews and games, similar to Comedy Bang Bang. Featuring: Hayden Winfield, Rachel Pyle, Matt Keo, Hillary Niblock, Dylan Fox

6:30p • Celebrity Seance

We’ve gathered a group of comedians who have the special abilities to channel the spirits of celebrities and will allow them to inhabit their bodies. It’s sure to be a wild night where anything can happen, and any celebrity could make an appearance. Featuring: Evan Widjaja, Josh Kinkade, Michelle Petro, Mike Lemcke, Charlie Lemcke

7:00p • The Hand-Up-Your-Ass Puppet Stand-Up Show

A stand-up comedy show completely performed by puppets. Local favorites will use puppets to perform all new stand-up sets. NOT FOR KIDS! Hosted by Robert Berry’s puppet. Featuring: Robert Berry, Jesse Rivera, and Ruby Setnik, plus surprise guests

7:30p • Improv Against Humanity

The improv show, and party game, for horrible people. Featuring: Kacie Shingara, Joe Lewis, Michelle Petro, Corky McDonnell, Chris Emery, Dylan Fox, Tessa Brown, Jason Casey

8:00p • You Laugh, You Lose

A panel of comedians have their wills tested in this brutal contest hosted by Jack Brown… If they laugh, they are out of the show. Once they’re eliminated, they can try and make their fellow participants laugh on their way out. The last person standing after this mayhem will receive a prize! Featuring: Chris Emery, Justine Lopez, Jason Casey, Michelle Daubner, Ryan King, Sarah Kullbom, Ruby Setnik, Kevin Cooley, Charlotte Hoar, Ruben Acosta, Corky McDonnell

8:30p • A Perfect Score

One group of long-form improvisers. One randomly selected and ever changing soundtrack. What beautiful narrative will they craft? Not even they know! Featuring: Hayden Winfield, Tessa Brown, Ruben Acosta, Jeremy Lessnau, Ryan King

9:00p • Strip-prov

Strip-prov is where improv meets strip poker. Cast members create comedy scenes inspired by stories. A set of pre-established rules dictate when items of clothing must be removed. Hosted by Justine Lopez and Chris Emery. Featuring: Maria Gloria, Matt Keo, Eboni Cross, Tessa Brown, Ryan King, Marco Cabodi, Adrienne Starkey, Cameron Domasky, Michelle Daubner, Patrick Blanson, Brian Crall

9:30p* • Cypher-a-long

An improvised sing-along with games, with audience members joining in. Presented by Derek Dozier. *Cypher-a-long will begin at the conclusion of Strip-prov, which may extend beyond 9:30pm.

10:00p • Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat! is a live game show where blindfolded contestants must answer a series of trivia questions while being fed an undisclosed meat. At the end of each round, the players can double their points if they can “Guess. That. MEAT!!!!!” Hosted by Wink Tenderloin. Featuring: Chris Emery, Corky McDonnell, Sarah Kullbom, Sam Harrison

10:30p • Downtown Lounge

Downtown Lounge, a down home musical comedy show bringing the funk back to funny. A band + a comedy show in your own back yard. Featuring: Al Shuman, Cian Ward, Nick Maitoza, Jessica Goold, Ayla Dozier, Dylan Welcher, Sam Harrison, Derek Dozier, Mikhail Chernyavsky

11:00p • Take Four Hundred and Twenty

In Take 420, a cast of improvisers gets high and then tries to recreate scenes from a movie. Featuring: Tomas Lopez, Sarah Kullbom, Derek Dozier, Dylan Thomas, Michelle Petro, Tessa Brown

11:30p • Pixel Blood Warriors

Four people will face off in a video game battle straight out of childhood. Featuring: Host Marco Cabodi with Adrienne Starkey on tech, and game battlers Justine Lopez, Corky McDonnell, Jack Brown, Chris Emery

12:00a • Sleepover Show

You’re invited to a sleepover at Jason Anderson’s house in 1990-something!  Stay up all night playing Sega Genesis and Rubik’s Cube under a blanket fort, while drinking the nectar of the gods, Capri Suns, out of their heavenly pouch.  Stand-up comedy, improv and puppets, oh my! All of your friends are invited!  Featuring: Stand-up comics Dejan Tyler and Luke Soin, improvisers Jason Casey, Ryan King, Justine Lopez, Tessa Brown and Edgar Granados. This is gonna be the best sleepover since that light-as-a-feather-stiff-as-a-board sleepover in that movie The Craft.

12:30a • A.E. Starkey’s Meowtacular Catstravaganza

This show brings all the goods: The true stories; the relentless cat puns; the Island of the Cat Damned sketch; and more. Do you love cats? THEN YOU WILL FUCKING ADORE THIS SHOW. Featuring: Adrienne Starkey, Marco Cabodi, Brett Cole

1:00a • The Zexy Banditoz Presents: The Three Mad Rituals

The Zexy Banditoz take the stage to perform the “The 3 Mad Rituals”, an improv show that includes a Movie, a Harold and the Deconstruction back-to-back-to-back! Featuring: Sethu Chidambaram, Kevin Scott Brown, Jorge Hernandez, Keo, Jason Alviar, Nick Maitoza

1:30a • An Evening with Mute Kougar

From 1986 to late 1986, Mute Kougar’s string of minor hits pleased the ears of dozens of fans across the county (Yes, county, not a typo). Now, after 30 years of failed comebacks and half-assed reunion tours, original lead singer Wolfgang Bach and founding lead guitarist Tracy Thundershard reunite for a semi-intimate, semi-acoustic set. Don’t forget to wear your favorite has-been band shirt! Featuring:  Mike LaRosa, Marco Cabodi

2:00a • Vegetable Sacrifice – Into the Butt of Madness Tour

Totally real and incredibly righteous metal band Vegetable Sacrifice are back for their first tour in twenty years! The tour kicks off at Sacramento Comedy Spot before wrapping up at historic Sacramento Comedy Spot, the same day. Featuring: Brett Cole, Marco Cabodi, Adrienne Starkey, Casey Singer

2:30a • The Daddy House

A show in the style of a 1950s family sitcom (like Father Knows Best or Leave it to Beaver) about a family of all dads. Six dads (played by Nick Magavern, Ryan King, Court Hansen, Charlie Norton, Chris Emery, and Daniel Kessenich) will get into a series of wacky mishaps and teach touching life lessons in this semi-improvised / semi-written extravaganza!

3:00a • Y So Serious?

Improvisers explore if you can really laugh in the face of any situation, good or bad. Featuring: Michelle Petro, Bailey Kallas, Dayna Bryant, Nick Maitoza, Nick Magavern, Jack Brown, Rachel Pyle

3:30a • Comedian Cosplay

A comedian tells a story followed by their cosplayer, who also tells a story, in this doppelgänger-style show. Hosted by Brian Crall. Featuring: Ryan King, Jack Brown (as Ryan King), Brian Crall, Melony Ford (as Brian Crall), Stephen Ferris, Ruby Setnik (as Stephen Ferris), Sarah Kullbom, Daniel Kessenich (as Sarah Kullbom)


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