Saturday, June 25
12 Noon to 12 Midnight* • $15 All Day

WEIRD • STRANGE • BIZARRE is a full day of unusual, creative, and experimental comedy shows produced by comedians that perform regularly at the Comedy Spot. During the last WEIRD • STRANGE • BIZARRE, audiences were treated to cats, lasers, game shows, dating shows, drag shows, weed shows, and some of the biggest laughs of the year. Prepare yourself for twisted versions of traditional improv, stand-up, sketch, and character comedy shows.

See one show, or see them all… Watch in person, online, or both!
One $15 price covers the day.

*Stage shows will run from 12:00 noon to 12 midnight. Online viewing of the event will be available from 12:00 noon to 9:00pm, via a live-stream link included with every purchase. Scroll down to view the lineup!

Doors will be open for just five minutes between each show, and again every half hour.
All shows may contain adult themes, and are intended for ages 17+.


12:00p • And They Lived Happily Ever After

A grandpa and his grandchild read a story together (a la Princess Bride) while improvisers fill in the blanks. Produced by Hillary Niblock and featuring Sarah Kullbom, Ryan King, Amy Nelson, Jack Brown, Kevin Cooley, Mickey McKim, and Mike LaRosa.

12:30p • Ridley Jones

This lil’ show is inspired specifically by the bonkers dramatic theme song from “Ridley Jones”, the childrens’ Netflix series. Produced by Hawley Allen and featuring Mickey McKim, Matt Taylor, Steven Boyd, and Lacey Carroll.

1:00p • Plea of the Dying Unicorn: An Acoustic Live Event

An acoustic music live event where a twenty-minute musical concept album, entitled Plea of the Dying Unicorn, is performed accompanied by a live interpretive dance. Produced by Marco Cabodi and featuring Casey Singer, Adrienne Starkey, Kevin Cooley,  and Laurenne Davison.

1:30p • Lounge Ladies

Enter the subterranean world of LOUNGE SINGERS! Three vignettes of sketch and improv… These damsels in delight, who are eager to showcase their questionable talents at improvised songs, promoting dubious drink specials and chancy choreography in evening gowns. Bring your sequins, feather boas, and fascinators to this classy performance, not to be missed! Featuring Lacey Carroll and Hawley Allen.

2:00p • Little Grey Cells

A trivia show for shits and giggles. One host, two contestants. Players answer questions for points; highest point total wins. If a question is answered incorrectly, the contestant must read a fun fact in character, chosen by random draw. Produced by Tina Jett and featuring Corky McDonnell and Adrienne Starkey.

2:30p • If I’m Elected…

Three aspiring politicians want to be elected to represent the small town of Sacramento Comedy Spot! But before they can win your vote, they will have to address a series of nonsensical scenarios facing our small town! Produced and moderated by Dayna Bryant, featuring Kevin Cooley, Tessa Brown, and Carissa Edwards.

3:00p • Aaaannnd That’s a Sketch!

Over the past few years Dayna has kept a list of sketch ideas on her phone but hasn’t turned them into sketches yet! Before the show, each performer gets to pick a sketch idea off of this list and Dayna will write the sketch. For the show, the sketches will be performed! Produced by Dayna Bryant, featuring Wayne Kunert, Adrienne Starkey, Marco Cabodi, and Corky McDonnell.

3:30p • Celebrity Book Club Slam

Celebrities—they’re NOT just like us! Join us as we dive into the wild world of celebrity autobiographies. Performers will read hand-picked excerpts from the juiciest celebrity memoirs, to give you a taste of what happens to your world outlook when living a life of wealth and excess. Produced by Mike LaRosa and featuring Alex Shewmaker, Jenna Swartz, Mickey McKim, Mike LaRosa, and Miriam Ellis.

4:00p • The Rachelles: Life Tango

Do you randomly sing “Cell Block Tango”? Well, then you will love watching the many faces of Rachelle reacting to a normal and not at all drastic and earth-shattering life change. Does this show have everything – singing, emotional outbursts, mystery, and a dance or two? Yes, yes it does. Produced by Miriam Ellis.

4:30p • Remix

A team of improvisers must create new scenes based on random music clips. Produced by Carissa Edwards and featuring Hawley Allen, Nate Breshears, Lacey Carroll, Michelle Petro, Alex Shewmaker, and Matt Taylor.

5:00p • Discount Kids Slime Show

Budget cuts come for everyone, even beloved kids game shows. Instead of physical challenges filled with zany slime pits, or giant mechanical hamster wheels, it’s all in the contestants’ heads. Two teams of two will compete/cooperate in a series of trivia questions and outlandish physical challenges that stretch their minds. It’ll be a test of their mind, and a test of their space-object work to see who will be crowned champion. Produced by Kyle Buis and featuring Hawley Allen, Nate Breshears, Carissa Edwards, and Miriam Ellis.

5:30p • Dr. Buddy Love: Pocket Episode

Dr.Buddy brings his brand of Sex Positive Comedy to the Weird Strange Bizarre stage to continue his goals of making sex an everyday part of the conversation. Join him as this time he is joined by one of Sacramento’s favorite comedians, miss Heather Rogue. Heather and the Doctor are sure to have a wonderful exchange for all to enjoy. 


6:00p • And Suddenly…

Performers stand on stage blindfolded with outfits they’ve never seen. They must be performing blindfolded? This is scarier than the first day of high school… and then… blindfolds are removed… AND SUDDENLY… they will need to create their improvised scenes based on their outfits and the characters they inspire. Produced by Lacey Carroll and featuring Mike LaRosa, Tessa Brown, Carissa Edwards, Jake Forrester, and Kevin Cooley.

6:30p • C.O.P. 2.0: Creating wOrld Peace

A presentation from the original loose cannon who gets results: Officer Jimmy Ferrari. He begins with an introduction of his years as leader of the Tactical Dog Shooting Force, struggling with his divorce and being cyber-bullied. Then we get down to the training. Ever want to learn how to defend yourself? How to “borrow” a cop’s service weapon? What makes the ultimate cop? And MORE! Produced by Toby Gomez.

7:00p • Daytime Talk Show Follow-Up

We revisit some memorable guests from daytime talk shows past and catch up to see how they are now. What ever happen to the 12 year old boy that talked like a south Baptist preacher. The woman who was afraid eggs. Seems like fun? but there is one catch! The improvisor playing these people/characters will find out who they are the same time the as the audience is watching the recap clip. They then will have to do an interview as that person from shows like Oprah, Sally Jessy Raphael, and or Maury, all on the spot! Produced by Alex Shewmaker and featuring Chris Emery and Michael Hutnick.

7:30p • Lyrically Inclined

It’s amazing how many words pop up in different songs! In Lyrically Inclined, three contestants will get be told a word or category of words, and then have to sing as many song lyrics as they can containing that word! Produced and hosted by Dayna Bryant, and featuring Chris Emery, Lacey Carroll, and Stacey Cochran.

8:00p • Wardrobe Malfunction

A labor dispute in the Broadway costumer’s union has thrown a wrinkle into the production of a highly anticipated dramatic play. Four VERY SERIOUS actors arrive on set wearing get-ups that make no sense with regard to the plot, and none of the actors has seen each other in costume prior to their stage debuts. Being the consummate professionals they are, they will have to adjust their dialog to justify each other’s attire. Also, there’s an alien. Produced by Mickey McKim and featuring Hawley Allen, Mike Hutnick, and Matt Taylor.

8:30p • Improv Gauntlet

The show will feature four rounds of improv, montage style, where each round incorporates a challenge. Challenges include physical limits, card challenges, accents, and more. Produced by Gilbert Gonzalez and featuring Quyen Vo, Rachel Pyle, Amy Nelson, and Wesley Allen.


9:00p • Strip-prov

Yes, it’s what you think it is. Performers improvise while following a set of guidelines and lose an article of clothing for each violated guideline until there is (almost) nothing left. Produced by Brian Crall.

9:45p • Beard Talk with Kevin’s Beard

Kevin’s beard interviews guests in this late-night talk show. Produced by Kevin Cooley and featuring Marco Cabodi, Patrick Blanson, and Adrienne Starkey.

10:00p • Turnt

A team of high improvisors battles a teams of drunk improvisors to see who can put on the BEST improv show ever! Points are BAD. Break a scene rule, your team gets a point. The team with the least amount of points wins. Produced by Justine Lopez featuring Chris Emery, Mignon Foster, Mickey McKim, Alex Shewmaker, Dayna Dryant, Mike LaRosa, Jack Brown, Jason Casey, Tessa Brown, Cheryl McGee, Sarah Kullbom, Grant Potter.

11:00p • Cosplay Crossover Comedy

Improvisers select a box with the help of the audience and have to cosplay as whatever character is in that box. Produced by Gilbert Gonzalez and featuring Dayna Bryant, Krystle Plant, Rachel Pyle, Kevin Hayer, and Matt Keo.


11:30p • Lost Cinema – The Unreleased Works of Marco Cabodi

Filmmaker Marco Cabodi shows, for the first time, two previously incomplete short films: The vampire film Blood Bindle (2014) starring Chris Emery and Corky McDonnell, and Hit (2017) starring Zach Coles, Tina Jett, and Kevin Cooley.


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