The annual Weird-Strange-Bizarre returns Saturday, April 13, 2019. Bring your own food, bring beer money and seat cushion and prepare yourself an energy drink fueled, sweat filled, fart filled, face-palm filled day of laughs. Weird-Strange-Bizarre (WSB) is a full day of unusual, creative, and experimental comedy shows produced by Comedy Spot house performers.The event kicks off at 12:00pm, featuring 32 shows, running for 16 straight hours, concluding at 4:00am Sunday, April 14.

Weird-Strange-Bizarre is the circus sideshow of comedy; you never know what you are going to get, but you can’t stop watching. A sample of WSB 2019 shows include:

  • Star Trek Deep Space 90210 – Being on a new assignment for Star Fleet is hard enough without having to fit in.
  • Celebrity Seance – Improvisers channeling famous celebrities will answer questions from the audience.
  • Improv Against Humanity – The improv show, and party game for horrible people.
  • Physical Comedy Olympics – A bracket-style, physical-comedy challenge with no words… just all action.
  • Strip-prov – Strip-prov is where improv meets strip poker.
  • Mystery Meat – A fast-paced game show where contestants are brought on stage, blind folded, then forced to eat an undisclosed meat product by Peggy the Lunch Lady.

Each WSB show is only 30 minutes, with doors opening for ticket holders between each performance. This year, tickets for WSB are only $15 for a full day of admission, allowing audience members to see as many shows as they can throughout the day. See one show, or see them all… One $15 price covers the day.

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