Every Sunday & Monday | 8:00PM | Stand-Up | $6
Free for Comedy School students

Open Mic stand-up comedy show is part of our up-and-coming talent night series. You will see new comedians, some seasoned veterans, and everything in between. Any comedian, regardless of skill, can perform. (See below for sign-up info.) It’s exciting! It’s raw! It’s hilarious, AND sometimes not-so-hilarious, stand-up comedy. Open Mic is hosted by Melissa McGillicuddy on Sunday nights and Shahera Hyatt on Monday nights. PLEASE NOTE: We often have special events on Sunday nights. Check the Comedy Spot calendar for possible schedule changes prior to attending.

Please read the Performer Information and Code of Conduct section below for guidelines and sign-up procedures. Performer sign-ups start at 7:30PM. Click HERE to take a stand-up class.

Tickets for this show are available at the box office when doors open 10 minutes prior to show time. Cash and credit card accepted. 
Terms & Conditions
About our shows: We have many types of shows to appeal to a wide range of comedic tastes, and some styles that may be new to you. Our improv and sketch comedy shows are more like a play or other traditional theatre experience, rather than a stand-up show or nightclub atmosphere. Improv and sketch cast members do not interact with the audience during the performance.

Before booking a large group for a performance, we encourage you to come by in advance and see a show on your own. We might even offer a free ticket for you to sample a show and be sure it is the right fit for your group.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are no refunds on classes or shows unless canceled or changed by the venue. Class space is limited, and reservations are final. Please provide a valid telephone number/email address at checkout so we can contact you, if needed. Should you need to transfer to another class start date, please email

  • All seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open 10-15 minutes prior to showtime. For best seating, please arrive early with your entire party.
  • Tickets not picked up by showtime may be released to the public for resale.
  • There is no minimum age requirement to see shows at the Comedy Spot, though our club, shows, and content are geared towards those ages 17+. Our shows should be considered PG13 or R-rated.
  • Heckling or interrupting any performance at the Comedy Spot is discouraged and may be cause for removal.

We want to make sure everyone has the best experience possible at the Comedy Spot. If you have questions, special needs, or requests, please contact us at (916) 444-3137 or to discuss concerns and potential options.

There will be no Open Mic on the following dates:
Sunday, May 28 – Memorial Day weekend
Monday, May 28 – Memorial Day
Monday, September 3 – Labor Day
Sunday, October 14 – Join us for the Sacramento Comedy Festival!
Monday, December 24 – Christmas Eve
Monday, December 31 – New Year’s Eve

Headlining comedians at the Comedy Spot are set up through a booking agent. Please contact for more information.


  • Performers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Performers are NEVER charged admission.
  • Each performer gets a 5-minute (maximum) set time.
  • If you “run the light” (go over 5 minutes), you will not be able to perform in future open mics.
  • We only have 17 performance slots. Sign-ups begin at 7:30PM. Performer priority order is as follows:
    1. Sacramento Comedy Spot Stand-up 201 students and Stand-up 101 students performing as part of their graduation show are accommodated first. (See our calendar for graduation show dates, typically held on Sunday).
    2. Performers bringing guests will be accepted next.
    3. All other performers will then submit names. A random drawing will be held at 7:40PM to fill any remaining slots.
  • We do not want to censor comedians, but we will shorten your set if it is inappropriate. Be funny. Be Smart. Don’t be a hack shock comic.
  • Performers should not be drunk or on drugs when performing.
  • Performers should conduct themselves with respect for fellow comedians, both on stage and off, avoiding harassing or abusive actions targeted toward an individual performer. To report harassing or abusive conduct, please contact the Conduct Committee. You can also view our Misconduct Policies and Procedures here.
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